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Thursday, June 07, 2007

Pierre-Luc Vallet Trio - now on dime

I'm lagging behind with my dime pointers here... Today I posted this fine set of Pierre-Luc Vallet's piano trio (he also leads an organ trio) recorded Tuesday at the studios or RSR 2 (Espace 2). The link:


I am more than happy to be able to seed some more piano torrents at the moment!
Yesterday I heard (and taped) Colin Vallon's trio at a local club, today I might catch Jean-Paul Brodbeck. An FM recording not fit for dime of Brodbeck's will be put up later on my blog (, too.

The preceeding seeds of this little series are here:

Hans Feigenwinter Trio - Basel 2007 
Thierry Lang "Lyoba" - Cully 2007 

As for Pierre-Luc Vallet, I only heard his organ trio on another RSR 2 seed before (would there be interest here?) and this beautiful set of classic piano trio jazz came as quite a great surprise!
Find a sample from #3 below to check it out yourself!


Pierre-Luc Vallet Trio
Espace JazzZ Concert
Lausanne (CH), Studio 15, Maison de la Radio
June 5, 2007

Pierre-Luc Vallet - piano
Philippe Aerts - bass
Marc Erbetta - drums

1. Introduction by Yvan Ischer (4:36)
2. Les ruins de Thêbes (6:55) >
3. Manhattan (6:55)
4. Aqua (5:39)
5. Announcement PLC (0:46)
6. Francisca (Toninho Horta) 5:41
7. Interview (10:48)
8. Madrugada (7:18)
9. Marie (5:05)
10. Gibraltar (7:47)
11. Announcement PLC (0:21)
12. Brooklyn Promenade (8:15)
13. unknown (6:15) [incomplete] >
14. FM OUtro by Yvan Ischer (0:33) [#13 continues below]

All compositions by Pierre-Luc Vallet unless otherwise noted

TT: 77:00

Sound: A
Source: RSR 2 "JazzZ" (Yvan Ischer) / 2007-06-05
Lineage: FM > HD > Cool Edit Pro > FLAC (8,asb,verify)
Recorded & seeded by ubu

Vallet's website:

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