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Monday, July 09, 2007

insubordinations - lê quan ninh & much more

just found out about the netlabel insubordinations.

please let me know if any of these downloadable releases are good or great!
I bet [insub11] MARTINE ALTENBURGER & LÊ QUAN NINH love stream is great, but as I'm still on vacation for yet another week, I won't do any downloading...

the direct download link is here (51 min 35 / mp3 @ 256 kbps + cover / 96 Mo)


Frédito said...

Hi Ubu,

I recall some interesting sessions involving saxman Heddy Boubaker ; and some others too, but I don't have the artists or albums' names in memory now. The catalogue is worth cheking out, I would say. Ah, also check out the 14th release, I made an enthusiastic comment on the french message board Citizenjazz under the name of chaamba >


ubu said...

Merci! Back from vacation now, will have to burn some dime items I have downloaded while in Vienna and then check out some of these releases!

Frédito said...


Just downloaded the latest "Potlatch - The Rrose Sélavy Show" , now playing, sounds great.

ubu said...

Thanks, frédito - still have to dig in there...

Rrose Sélaviy Show sounds good from the title alone... big fan of R. Mutt over here!