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Thursday, July 05, 2007

ubu in vienna - and more!

I just wanted to let you all know that until July 16th, I'll be on vacation in the great city of Vienna. Hence no new posts for a while now...

Below you'll find a recapitulation of what's been posted here so far - it's quite a bit more than what I'd have thought, actually! Anyway, there'll be more to come once the vacation will be over (oh no, don't think of that now, I'd be most happy to have a few months of vacation, rather than just a lousy couple of weeks!) - anyway, the "for europeans only" series will be continued, there shall be a compilation of songs by the great Mildred Bailey, and hopefully many other things, including live recordings not fit for dime, that I shall transfer for exclusive sharing on this blog. Also the recent George Russell Paris 1964 recording will be put up in an MP3 version here.

The labels under which you can find the posts with actual musical content are as follows:
musical offerings
for europeans only
Actually, the first of these should lead to all the posts below, but I am only human, so I make mistakes...


Lee Wiley / Bobby Hackett / Joe Bushkin - A Night in Manhattan

Lenox School of Jazz Concert 1959

Lee Wiley - Unrequited Love's a Bore, Yeah... A Selection of Songs, 1931-1940

Sonny Rollins - Arnhem 1967

Martial Solal - 1959 & 2001 (Exclusif)

Potlatch - selections from the discs I own so far

Les Nouveaux Monstres - Lausanne 2007 (Exclusif)

Nicolas Simion Group feat. Zoltan Lantos - Berlin 2000

Romano-Sclavis-Texier - Cully 2007 (on the great H&H blog)


Niko said...

have a great time in vienna! (and congratulations to locating a copy of enfin (at a reasonable price, i guess))

Frédito said...

Enjoy the holidays, UBU


ubu said...

Thanks guys! I'm enjoying the hell out of it!

"Enfin!" cost me 14.50 euro - not too bad, I'd say!