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Thursday, August 02, 2007

The Police - Hatfield 1979 - FLAC

Here's a very early show by a pretty intriguing band. I used to listen to some of Sting's discs before I got into jazz, still have them, but it must be ten years since I last played any of them...
About Police I knew nothing, the best of compilation from the library I found boring back then, but times and my listening habits have changed, and this is a great short set, in my opinion. It's been out on a Japanese DVD (missing the encore - seems they were only just building their repertoire, hence a reprise, rather than an additional song).

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The Police
Hatfield (UK), Polytechnic
February 21, 1979

Andy Summers - guitar
Sting - bass & vocals
Stewart Copeland - drums

1. I Can't Stand Losing You (1) (5:19)
2. So Lonely (6:01)
3. Fallout (2:51)
4. Hole in My Life (4:13)
5. Truth Hits Everybody (2:46)
6. Message in a Bottle (4:09)
7. Peanuts (3:41)
8. Roxanne (7:11) [deleted skip @ 6:05.017]
9. Next to You (4:24) [w/band intros & reprise]
10. I Can't Stand Losing You (2) (6:07) [encore]

TT: 46:49

Sound: A/A- (mono)
Source: DRS 3 broadcast / 2007-07-23 (BBC recording)
Lineage: FM > HD > Cool Edit Pro > FLAC (8,asb,verify)

Note: all except the final "I Can't Stand Losing You" was released on a Japanese DVD
Release info:


ubu said...


Anonymous said...

Dear Ubu

thanks for sharing this one in Flac!!

this concert is maybe one of the best live bootleg ever recorded of the earlies day of the police. ON this you can listen to the energy ans enthusiam of three musician with amazing interplay. You can go wrong with this!

Thanks, Kike.