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Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Ali Farka Toure - Lugano 2000 - now on dime

Here's a show I put up on dime a minute ago - terrific music by one of my favourite discoveries of recent!


Ali Farka Toure (Mali)
Estival Jazz 2000
Lugano (CH), Piazza della Riforma
July 14, 2000

Ali Farka Toure - vocals, guitar
Hamadoun Bocoum - [bass?,] vocals
Samba Toure - [bass?,] vocals
Oumar Diallo - bass
Oumar Hamadoun Toure - conga
Suleymane Kane [Souleye Kane?]- djembe
Alpha Ousmane Sankare - percussion

1. Goye Kur (7:53)
2. Karaw (4:54)
3. Soukora (6:22)
4. Kadi Kadi (6:43)
5. Ai Du (6:04)
6. Dofana (8:13)
7. Hilly Yoro (6:26)
8. Gomni (6:04)
9. Diaraby (6:39)
10. Jangali Famata (4:10)

TT: 63:32

Sound: A/A- (mono)
Source: RSI 2 "Live di mezzanotte" / 2007-07-30
Lineage: FM > HD > Cool Edit Pro > FLAC (8,asb,verify)
Recorded & shared by ubu


african said...

i understand that i'm a bit late but how can i get this live recording? torrent tracker told me that i have to authorize, i tried but it failed...
maybe u'd put it in some filehoster? (i'd be really appreciate for
thanx in advance!

ubu said...

You can learn all you need to know about dime here:

This recording has long been deleted from dime anyway.
I have no intention to share it here, simply don't have the time to upload it, and the reason I keep posting the links to dime is just to keep track - I'm in no position to do twice the work for each show I share, here or there.

ubu said...

sorry, this is the link to go: