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Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Dinah Washington - The Best in Blues (For Europeans Only #12)

Here's a great supplement to the Mercury 1940s session - the Verve Elite CD of Dinah Washington's album "The Best in Blues", which compiles a Keystone Session with various Mercury sessions - stylistically, it fits very well with the "Blues, Boogie, & Bop" box!
Sidemen include Arnett Cobb, Paul Quinichette and Ben Webster on tenor, Wynton Kelly on piano, Jimmy Cobb on drums, and of course the great Lionel Hampton!

Dinah Washington - The Best in Blues

1. Evil Gal Blues
2. I Know How to Do It
3. Baby Get Lost
4. Trouble in Mind
5. Fat Daddy
6. TV Is the Thing This Year
7. Salty Papa Blues
8. New Blowtop Blues
9. Gambler's Blues
10. Don't Hold It Against Me
11. Long John Blues
12. Homeward Bound
13. TV Is the Thing This Year [Alternate Take]
14. Baby Get Lost [Alternate Take]
15. Good Daddy Blues
16. Good Daddy Blues [Previously Unissued Alternative Take]
17. Drummer Man
18. Drummer Man
19. Be Fair to Me

bonus tracks - Lionel Hampton w/Dinah Washington:
20. Evil Gal Blues
21. Blow Top Blues
[taken from: "Lionel Hampton: Hamp - The Legendary Decca Recordings" (CD1)]


Joe Morris (t), Rudy Rutherford (cl), Arnett Cobb (ts), Milt Buckner (p - out 12), Vernon King (b), Fred Radcliffe (d-out 2), Lionel Hampton (vib,d-2,p-12)
WOR Studios, NYC, December 29, 1943 [Keynote]

Teddy Stewart's Orchestra: Georoge Hudson (t), Rupert Cole, Ernie Wilkins (as), Cecil Payne (bari), James Forman (Hen Gates) (p), Freddie Green (g), Ray Brown (b), Teddy Stewart (d)
NYC, March 4, 1949 [Mercury]

Jimmy Cobb's Orchestra, incl. Ben Webster, Wardell Gray (ts), Wynton Kelly (p), Keter Betts (b), Jimmy Cobb (d)
Los Angeles, January 18, 1952 [Mercury]

Paul Qunichette (ts), unknown (p), Jackie Davis (org), Keter Betts (b), Jimmy Cobb (d), Candido Camero (cga)
Fine Sound, NYC, June 10, 1953 [Mercury]

Nook Shrier's Orchestra, incl. Paul Quinichette (ts), Wynton Kelly (p), prob. Freddie Green (g), poss. Keter Betts (b), Gus Johnson (d)
NYC, September 24, 1951 [Mercury]

Jimmy Cobb's Orchestra, incl. Clark Terry (t), Russell Procope (cl,as), Paul Gonsalves (ts), Beryl Booker (p), unknown (g), Keter Betts (b), Jimmy Cobb (d)
Universal Recording Studios, Chicago, June 3, 1952 [Mercury]

Ike Carpenter's Orchestra: Clyde Raesinger, Tony Reeves (t), Art Pearlman, Roger White (tb), Ed Freeman (as), Bob Hardaway, Bob Robinson (ts), Joe Koch (bari), Wynton Kelly (p), Chuck Norris (g), Joe O'Rear (b), Dick Stanton (d)
Los Angeles, June 1, 1951 [Mercury]

unknown personnel
Chicago, July 1, 1948 [Mercury]

Joe Morris, Lamar Wright Jr., Dave Page, Wendell Culley, Al Killian (t), AL Heyes, Andrew Penn, Abdul Hamid, John Morris (tb), Herbie Fields (cl,ss,as), Gus Evans (as), Arnett Cobb, Jay Peters (ts), Lionel Hampton (vib), Milt Buckner (p), Billy Mackel (g), Charles Harris, Ted Sinclair (b), Fred Radcliffe (d)
Carnegie Hall, NYC, April 15, 1945

Wendell Culley (t), Herbie Fieds (as), Arnett Cobb (ts), Lionel Hampton (vib), Johnny Mehegan (p), Billy Mackel (g), Charles Harris (b), George Jones (d)
NYC, May 21, 1945

Everything as usual:
CD rip @ 320 kbs (lame)
link in the comments
no scans but accurate tags including full personnel and recording info as listed above & more


ubu said...

Here's the DL link:

ramson said...

Great release!!!.I already had this tracks on other editions with not so good sound.

By the way, one technique question :what compresor do you use to get rar archives with 1/3 of real size?. I use winrar and with extreme compression options , I barely can reduce size of albums .

Best Regards!!

ubu said...

I'm using winrar - with old music, if you use VBR 192-320 kbs, the files often end up being at 192 for most of the time - I guess that is similar with what happens when packing the MP3s up in .rar-files - they just compress to a smaller file, as there seems to be a smaller amount of data (at least that's how I explain it to myself).
If I encode newer music, the .rar-files will end up at some 95% of the original MP3 files, too... no magic involved!

ramson said...

Ah!, thanks for explain it me!


hulaboy said...

Thanks - just what the doctor ordered ... and no medical bills.