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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Flat Earth Society - oh hell yeah!

Here's a pairing of two partial concerts by a terrific Belgian band called Flat Earth Society, or short, F.E.S. Founded and lead by Peter Vermeersch, FES mixes brass band sounds with various other styles, including jazz (of course - why else would I have come aware of them?!) - but check out wiki for some more information or better yet, pay a visit to their homepage!

Thanks to my friend couw for providing some great cover art!

The Flat Earth Society

Peter Vermeersch - clarinet, leader
Tom Wouters - clarinet, percussion, xylophone, vibraphone
Benjamin Boutreur - saxophones
Bruno Vansina - saxophones
Michel Mast - saxophones (2008 only)
Tom Callens - tenor saxophone (2007 only)
Bart Maris - trumpet
Sam Vloemans - trumpet (2007 only)
Yves Rudy Reunes - trumpet (2008 only)
Stefaan Blancke, Marc Meeuwissen - trombone
Berlinde Deman - tuba
Wim Willaert - accordion
Peter Vandenberghe - piano
Jimi Tenor - keyboards (2008 only)
Pierre Vervloesem - guitar (2008 only)
Kristof Roseeuw - double bass
Teun Verbruggen - percussion

The Flat Earth Society
Saalfelden (Austria), Jazzfestival
August 24, 2007 (Friday, 1 am) [31:54]

1. Without > Psycho Shout (Peter Vermeersch) 13:02
2. Clusterthing (Peter Vermeersch) 7:31
3. Waterman (Peter Vermeersch) 4:07
4. Edward, Why Don't You Play Some Blues (Peter Vandenberghe) (7:11)

Flat Earth Society - meets Jimi Tenor
North Sea Jazz Festival 2008 (33rd edition)
Rotterdam (The Netherlands), "Congo", Ahoy Rotterdam
July 11, 2008 [22:08]

5. Europa (Jimi Tenor) 4:26
6. unknown (Jimi Tenor) 3:06
7. Mesmerize Me (Jimi Tenor) 6:47
8. unknown (Jimi Tenor) 7:47

TT: 54:02

Sound: A


Source: BBC Jazz on 3 / 2008-06-27
Lineage: BBC DAB (MPEG-I Layer II at 192 kb/s joint stereo) > Yamaha 1300 audio HDR
Editing: Increased volume of part of track 03 by +5dB ((9.06-10.52)
Transfer: CDRW > Nero 7 > Flac Frontend (level 6)


Source: Radio6 / 2008-07-12
Lineage: Cable FM > Pioneer TX-608 (tuner) > Edirol R-09 > WAV > CoolEdit Pro 2.1 (track splitting) > foobar2000 > FLAC level 8

does #1 go into a second tune @ 7:05 ?


ubu said...

FLAC + separate scans/info:

archer said...

wow. so far i've just heard the first cut of the saalfelden session, and damn is it big fun! especially when the bone kicks in.

really looking forward to this adventure. frustrating that i don't have the time now.

massive gratitude for this one, ubu

Baby Breeze said...

I halfway expected to find that neocon scumbag Thomas Friedman in this group.

You've really done a lot with this blog since I last dropped in. Nice work.