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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Roland Kirk - Berlin, Paris, Milan 1964 - fixed re-up

A kind reader of my blog whose request was one of the main reasons why I posted these Kirk tracks here in the first place, has helped me fixing the info and identifying the track from Philology/Musica Jazz's Stitt disc as a duplicate (running way too fast!) of a title already included in my own material. So here is everything again, with amended/completed/fixed info, plus with the identification of Tete Montoliu as the pianist all over (for #4 - used to be #5 in the first up - it was clear to my own humble ears that it must be Tete!).

Let me put in a good word for this discography here, I helped with it as much as I could, too:
Tete Montoliu Discography by Agustín Pérez

One more thing that kind reader let me know about is that the first (and complete) tenor solo on #3 (used to be #4) is by the one and only, the late great Johnny Griffin! How could I not notice that in all the years I've had these Kirk shows? Holy holy! Kirk's own solo follows but gets cut short. I'm not positive of Stitt's presence on that title, I can hear J.J. and Kirk's reed section riffing behind the Little Giant.

Further to that, this version now also includes a cover, using a great sketch of Kirk by Alastair Graham.

Here's a very spcecial offering: I got the material compiled here in a trade, re-grouped and cleaned it up (just fixing marks and stuff, not fiddling around with the music itself) and put it up on dime. That was quite a while ago. In the meantime, someone else put it up again, and then perv-fesser goody stepped in, fixing the speed of all but one tracks. In that form, I put it up again on dime a couple of of weeks ago, and now it's on the blog as well. And even better, there's something included now which likely wouldn't have passed the scrutiny on dime, another long Stitt/Kirk version of "Au Privave", the great Parker tune. Tete Montoliu, the late great Catalonian piano player is present on most/all of this. In the rhythm section, we get some bop veterans, Tommy Potter on bass, and Kenny Clarke on drums, as well as ex-Ellingtonian Jimmy Woode (by then a member of the Kenny Clarke/Francy Boland Orchestra), and possibly also great German bass player, Peter Trunk. There's some uncertainty regarding bass and piano duties, but ey, this is mostly about Kirk (and some Stitt and Jay Jay), anyway!

Hope you'll enjoy this! Bright Moments! Bright Moments!

***definitive version - goody pitch-corrected***

Roland Kirk Quartet (#1,4-6)
Roland Kirk / Sonny Stitt / Johnny Griffin / J.J. Johnson - Jazz Band Ball (#2,3)

Roland Kirk - flute, manzello, stritch, tenor sax, vocals

Berlin (Germany), Philharmonie, Jazztage - September 26, 1964

Tete Montoliu - piano
Jimmy Woode - bass
Kenny Clarke - drums

1. So Long Note, Baby (6:54)

Berlin-Schöneberg (Germany), Prälaten, Jazztage 1964 - September 27, 1964

Sonny Stitt - alto sax (#2, poss. #3 but not heard in solo)
Johnny Griffin - tenor sax (#3)
Jay Jay Johnson - trombone (#3)
Tete Montoliu (or Walter Bishop) - piano
Tommy Potter (or Peter Trunk or Jimmy Woode) - bass
Kenny Clarke - drums

2. Au Privave (Charlie Parker) 15:33
3. Steeplechase (Charlie Parker) 7:57 [cut]

Sonny Stitt "Loose Walk" (Philology (It) W 43-2) gives Tete as pianist and 1964-09-24 as date for their fast-running version of "Au Privave" (14:36)
Two further titles attributed to this session, "Parker's Mood" (1:33, inc) and "My Little Suede Shoes" (14:03) are not in my possession

Paris (France), 1st Paris Jazz Festival, "Newport à Paris", Salle Pleyel - October 2, 1964

Tete Montoliu - piano
Tommy Potter - bass
Kenny Clarke - drums

4. Domino (Ferrari-Plante-Raye) 4:09

Walter Bishop was given as pianist in my source's info, but it sounds like Tete both to me and to the expert doing the Tete discography.

Milano (Italy), Teatro dell'Arte al Parco - October 10, 1964

Walter Bishop - piano
Tommy Potter - bass
Kenny Clarke - drums

5. All By Myself (Irving Berlin) 5:51
6. I Remember Clifford (Benny Golson) 6:23

TT: 46:48
Sound: B & B+
Original Lineage: radio (#1,2,3,6) / tv (#4,5) > ? > CDR in trade > EAC (secure) > Cool Edit Pro > FLAC (8,asb,verify)

ubu's edits:
- fixed marks, added fade-ins and fade-outs
- deleted small gaps around original marks
- deleted partial radio talk segments
- #5: left channel 6 DB boost

***professor goody - additional editing info***

Additional lineage (goody's edits): dBpowerAMP (WAV) > Cool Edit Pro (Pitch Bender -57 cents - tracks 2-4,6) > TLH (FLAC, sigs)

Note: Pitch of #1-3 and #5-6 was approximately 57 cents sharp. Corrected and FLACed.

Thank you, Mr. Kirk. For all your various names, instruments, brilliance, and breath. There was never anyone like you, and there hasn't been anyone, since you graced us with your presence.

goody - 8/03/08

***seed history***

originally shared by ubu
re-seeded by bigfootpezao
fixed by goody and definitive "goody-version" shared by ubu

***final notes***

- after the date-correction for #4, the order of the tracks was adjusted (to present the music chronologically); #4 originally followed what are now #5 and #6 as the original information I had dated it to October 22 (ubu - 2008-08-04)
- the version of "Au Privave" on Philology's Stitt compilation seems to be identical but totally off-speed (running only 14:36)
- a kind reader has altered me to Johnny Griffin's presence on #3 - indeed the first tenor solo is clearly by him, while the second (cut off) is by Kirk. I am not sure if Stitt can be heard in the backings, but JJ and Kirk do some riffing behind Griffin.


ubu said...

fixed links - again FLAC, this time with info + cover (PDF):

Bright Moments! Bright Moments! Bright Moments!

sambeck2001 said...

I'm not that familiar with Kirk, but I like it. Thanks.


ubu said...

In that case, I strongly suggest you also check out this earlier offering here:

Rather different, but just as good!

hookfinger said...

Ah - my friend, i needed my jazz fix tonight and this hit the spot..thank you!!!

Arcturus said...

goodness! I should thank you more often for all the goodies you post, but this is something really special here - looking fwd to it!

cheers . . .

neil said...

Your efforts, audio and visual, are much appreciated.

I have a friend who is salivating over this already -- without even having heard it!

Baby Breeze said...

Missed this on Dime. Great to find it here. The devotion to detail among the gang is truly admirable.

Baby Breeze said...

Missed this on Dime. Great to find it here. The devotion to detail among the gang is truly admirable.