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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Volker Kriegel - Hamburg, January 26, 1973 (NDR Jazz Workshop)

Another scheduled post - this shall delight some of the fans of the great MPS blow (see my link list). No time to do much of a write-up, but this once again is a dime show that I fixed and added full info to. Hope some of you will enjoy! Kriegel did some rather crappy and cheap "fusion" or rather muzak, I guess, later on, but for this show, he's in fast company!

Volker Kriegel, Berlin 1971 (photo: Karlheinz Klüter)

Volker Kriegel - NDR Jazz Workshop #85
Hamburg (Germany), NDR Funkhaus, Studio 10
January 26, 1973

Stan Sulzman - saxophone, flute
Zbigniew Seifert - violin
John Taylor - electric piano
Volker Kriegel - electric & acoustic guitars
Peter Warren - cello
Eberhard Weber - bass, bass guitar
Joe Nay - drums
Peter Giger - percussion

1. Missing Link (Kriegel) 10:29
2. Three Or Two In One (Kriegel) 10:59
3. Hoe Up and Down (Kriegel) 2:02 [VK/ZS duo]
4. Between The Seasons (Kriegel) 8:36
5. Lastic Plemon (Kriegel) 3:40
6. Blue Titmouse (Kriegel) 9:49
7. Forty Colours (Weber) 4:17
8. A Piece with a Chord from a Yorkshire Terrier (Kriegel) 16:32

TT: 66:28

Sound: A-
Source: Radio broadcast > ? > cassette > ? > CDR
Lineage: CDR from trade > EAC > TLH > FLAC
Seeded on dime (with just Hamburg and no line-up/setlist)
Edited by ubu (corrected marks, separated #3/#4 and #5/#6, added info)

Note: Electric Blue (18:26) was commercially released on "NDR Jazzworkshop '73" (NDR 0666 238)


lc said...

thanks a lot, ubu.
always great to try something new (to me).

ubu said...

links, for those too lazy to look closely ;-)

lc said...

'finally got to it, and well, that's a great show.
I've got no clue what his regular stuff sounds like but I'm happy that you posted this "unregular" one here.

keep up the great work.