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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Django Reinhardt All Star Sessions (1935-38)

Here's a little compilation - the best of Reinhardt's dates with American guests, featuring him with luminaries such as Coleman Hawkins, Benny Carter, Dicky Wells, and Bill Coleman, and with some of the pre-eminent French jazzmen of the day like Alix Combelle and André Ekyan. Stéphane Grappelli, Django's Hot Club partner, is on piano on some of these sessions.

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Django Reinhardt & His American Friends
A Selection of All Star Sessions, 1935-38

Django Reinhardt (g)


#1-4: Coleman Hawkins & Michel Warlop Orchestra:
Arthur Briggs, Noël Chiboust, Pierre Allier (t), Guy Paquinet (tb), André Ekyan, Charles Lisée (as,cl), Alix Combelle (ts,cl), Coleman Hawkins (ts), Stéphane Grappelli (p), Eugène d'Hellemmens (b), Maurice Chaillou (d)
Paris, March 2, 1935

#5-8: Coleman Hawkins & His All-Star "Jam" Band:
Benny Carter (as,t), André Ekyan (as), Coleman Hawkins (ts), Alix Combelle (ts,cl), Stéphane Grappelli (p), Eugène d'Hellemmens (b), Tommy Benford (d)
Paris, April 28, 1937

#9-11: Benny Carter & His Orchestra:
Benny Carter (as,t,arr), Fletcher Allan (as), Alix Combelle (ts), Bertie King (ts,cl), York de Souza (p), Len Harrison (b), Robert Montmarché (d)
Paris, March 7, 1938

#12-17: Dicky Wells & His Orchestra:
Bill Dillard, Bill Coleman, Shad Collins (t), Dicky Wells (tb), Richard Fullbright (b), Bill Beason (d)
note: omit Dillard and Collins on #15-17
Paris, July 7, 1938

CD rip @ 320 kbs


ubu said...

Consider this a continuation of the earlier "for europeans only" series, with posts dedicated mainly to Lester Young but also to Lee Wiley, Bobby Hackett, Charlie Christian, Dinah Washington, and a host of great artists on the Mercury 40s "Blues, Boogie, and Bop" compilation.

This is again in MP3 - the music can be obtained easily in various ways.

The DL link will follow shortly!

ubu said...

And this site here shall help those interested in the vast discographical heritage of Django's:

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