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Monday, November 17, 2008

Bill Evans Trio - Seattle 1966

More music to come soon... here, for a first, some classic jazz - pianist Bill Evans, one of those artists that I am fascinated by, again and again, yet there are long periods where I hardly listen to their music at all.

This here's a short recording with Eddie Gomez (early in his long stay with Evans), and drummer Joe Hunt. I grabbed this from dime months ago and right now am re-seeding my own fixed version, which is the same as you can get here.

1966 is the year of the earliest material in Evans' "Secret Sessions" box (Fantasy), and the year of his Verve album recorded live at Town Hall. Later that year, he also teamed up with Monica Zetterlund. And some footage of an Oslo concert of his trio (with Gomez and Alex Riel) has been bootlegged and has of course also found its way to YouTube. Watch a 1966 TV interview here.
Finally, here's a bad-quality glimpse at the lovely Monica Zetterund in Copenhagen, backed by Evans' trio. There are better-quality films around, but those would be too much work to share here, I'm afraid.

: . : . : . : . : . : . : . : . : . : . : . : . : . : . : . :. : . : . : . :

Bill Evans Trio
Seattle, WA (USA), The Penthouse
May 12, 1966

Bill Evans - piano
Eddie Gomez - bass
Joe Hunt - drums

1. radio intro (0:47) [cut @ 0:27]
2. How My Heart Sings (4:11)
3. 'Round Midnight (7:46)
4. Come Rain or Come Shine (5:48)
5. If You Could See Me Now (4:17)
6. Who Can I Turn To (5:16)
7. radio outro (0:15)

TT: 29:14

Sound: A-/B+
Original Lineage: FM - MR - cass - CD

:::: Lineage ::::

Original Lineage: FM - MR - cass - CD
goody: Nero (pitch corrected +50 cents) > TLH (fix SBEs, create sigs)
ubu: FLAC > WAV > Cool Edit Pro > FLAC (8,asb,verify)

::goody edits::
Pitch was approximately 50 cents flat. Don't worry, though. I took care of it.
Track 5 was actually the 1st track.
I've placed the tracks in what I believe to be the proper order.
I've also removed gaps and applied a small fade. No EQ or added noise reduction. It already sounds like there's a ton of it.

This has previously been (and, unfortunately, it will also continue to be) shared by many collectors for years in a bit of an incorrect state. However, it was that state that got it to THIS state. So let's not discount its value in the lineage. But hopefully, this one will have a life through reseeds. I place it in your hands.

Now, I can give a little bit back with this significant pitch-corrected, remastered upgrade.

::ubu edits::
separated fm intro from #1 and outro from #6
fixed all marks - no sonic treatment!

Note: Larry Bunker was given as drummer but at the end of #4 Joe Hunt is announced by the radio announcer


ubu said...

Sorry folks - there's a speed corrected version around. I took down the file, a new one will be uploaded tomorrow!

ubu said...
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Ilario said...

very thanks for this music

neil said...

Oh, how you tease us...

wightdj said...

The trio with Joe Hunt is a nice addition. Hunt recorded with George Russell, Stan Getz and Don Frhiedman in the '60s. Read more about him at

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