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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Roland Kirk - Berlin, Paris, Milan 1964 - final fixed version

Here it is, finally - thanks a lot to david and goody for pointing out and helping solve all issues with this compilation!
It turned out #5 and #6 of the "fixed" version shared before were almost a whole step sharp.

Some other things have been corrected, too - for instance the line-up for #2 and #3. Also the latest info I found said it was Tete on #4-6.

This shall be the final version, I'm sure! And this should be the only version to be spread on! I finally hope I got it all right this time!

I'm seeding this again on dime right now, links here will be up in a day or two!

***definitive version - goody pitch-corrected***

Roland Kirk Quartet (#1,4-6)
Roland Kirk/Sonny Stitt/J.J. Johnson/Johnny Griffin - Jazz Band Ball (#2,3)

Roland Kirk - flute, manzello, stritch, tenor sax, voice

Berlin (Germany), Philharmonie, Jazztage - September 26, 1964

Tete Montoliu - piano; Jimmy Woode - bass; Kenny Clarke - drums
1. So Long Note, Baby (6:54)

Berlin-Schöneberg (Germany), Prälaten, Jazztage 1964 - September 27, 1964
Sonny Stitt - alto sax (#2); Johnny Griffin - tenor sax (#3); J.J. Johnson - trombone (#3); Tete Montoliu (or Walter Bishop) - piano; Tommy Potter (or Peter Trunk or Jimmy Woode) - bass; Kenny Clarke - drums
2. Au Privave (Charlie Parker) 15:33 [solos:SS,RK,p,SS/RK]
3. Steeplechase (Charlie Parker) 7:57 [solos:JJJ,JG,RK-cut]

Paris (France) - October 2, 1964
Tete Montoliu - piano; Tommy Potter - bass; Kenny Clarke - drums
4. Domino (Ferrari-Plante-Raye) 4:09

Milano (Italy), Teatro dell'Arte al Parco - October 10, 1964
Tete Montoliu - piano; Tommy Potter - bass; Kenny Clarke - drums
5. All By Myself (Irving Berlin) 6:34
6. I Remember Clifford (Benny Golson) 7:09

TT: 48:18

Sound: B & B+
Original Lineage: radio (#1,2,3,6) / tv (#4,5) > ? > CDR in trade > EAC (secure) > Cool Edit Pro > FLAC (8,asb,verify)

ubu's edits:
- fixed marks, added fade-ins and fade-outs
- deleted small gaps around original marks
- deleted partial radio talk segments
- #5 (used to be #4 in previous seeds): left channel 6 DB boost

Sonny Stitt "Loose Walk" (Philology (It) W 43-2) contains a 1964-09-24 version of "Au Privave" with Stitt, Kirk, Tete, Potter or Woode and Clarke.

***professor goody - additional editing info***

Professor goody: dBpowerAMP (WAV) > Cool Edit Pro (Pitch Bender) > TLH (FLAC, sigs)

Thanks to ubu for his original seed. The text above the line is all his. I changed the track times to reflect the results of the speed/pitch correction.

Thanks to bigfootpezao for reseeding this set, which reminded me that I should fix this thing already. I forgot about it all this time. Sorry about that, but now it's finally being presented to all you lucky people here at the pitch and tempo it was originally performed.

Thank you, Mr. Kirk. For all your various names, instruments, brilliance, and breath. There was never anyone like you, and there hasn't been anyone, since you graced us with your presence.

goody - 8/29/08

***seed history***

originally shared by ubu
re-seeded by bigfootpezao
fixed by goody and "GoodyPitchFix"-version shared by ubu
#5/6 again fixed by goody, "final-GoodyPitchFix"-version shared by ubu

final note: after the date-correction for #4, the order of the tracks was adjusted (to present the music chronologically); #4 originally followed what are now #5 and #6 as the original information I had dated it to October 22 (ubu - 2008-08-04)


ubu said...

FLAC + info + cover (PDF, self-made):

bright moments! bright moments!

E-mile said...

thanks a lot for your efforts!
being a kirk-o-natic, I really look forward hearing this!!!
thanks a zillion ubu...
peace, E-mile

lc said...


thank you so much for sticking with it.
I was afraid at one point that you might give up on it.

'currently listening to it and how enjoyable it must have been to actually attend a show featuring Roland Kirk!

thanks again and keep up the great work.

hookfinger said...

Thanks for taking all the time to fix this up. You're great. It's great. Thank you!

neil said...

UBU, you're the man!

Many thanks...

jazztap said...

Have you ever heard anyone that seems to be having anywhere near as much fun as Roland?

ghostrancedance said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Kirkaholics rejoice...

Have a peaceful, productive and above all musical 2009.

hulaboy said...

Thank you, Ubu. Mr Kirk's was the first modern jazz to really move me, back when The Inflated Tear came out. I eventually met him at the Vanguard where to my astonishment he invited me to sit in. Unfortunately (though luckily for the patrons and the band), I didn't have my horn with me. He told me, "Next time, bring your horn." Alas there was no next time - not yet anyway!