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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Art Blakey / Tony Williams Group - Munich 1972

Here's a delightful funky little show starring both Art Blakey and Tony Williams! On keys there's the great George Cables (back to work after serious illness - all the best, George!) and on flute, there's Jeremy Steig.

This is stylistically another bit of a departure, and a foray into funky late 60s/early 70s territory (before jazz rock and so-called "fusion" got all formulas and all the creativity dried up). I hope you'll enjoy it!

Thanks go to the seeder on dime, I performed a couple of small edits only in this case - a very fine recording!

Art Blakey @ Monterey Jazz Festival 1972
Photo by Paul Slaughter

Art Blakey - Tony Williams - Group
Jazz Now Festival
München (Germany)
August 18, 1972

Jeremy Steig - flute
George Cables - piano, electric piano
Stanley Clarke - bass
Art Blakey - drums, voice
Tony Williams - drums
Ray Mantilla - timbales, congas, bongos
Buck Clarke - gong, bells, congas, african drums

1. Announcement AB (2:32)
2. Swamp Carol (Steig-Hammer) > Announcement AB (13:54)
3. Rita (George Cables) > Announcement AB (10:01)
4. Virginia (George Cables) > Announcement AB (13:24)
5. Cubano Chant (Ray Bryant) 23:13
6. unknown (9:25) [inc]

TT: 72:34

Sound: A
Source: SBD
No lineage info
Additional lineage #5/6: FLAC > WAV > Cool Edit Pro (fixed mark, deleted silence, added fade-out at end of #5) > FLAC (8,asb,verify)

::ubu's edits::
mark 5/6 was too early, following a bit of silence
> fixed mark, added fade-out at end of #5
the last 21 seconds of #6 were silent
> deleted


ubu said...

Flac + info:

nick said...

whoa. I never heard of this, nor imagined that it would ever exist! just dl'ed and I can't wait to listen tonight. thank you so much!

cooljazz said...

Wow, what a pleasant surprise, Art Blakey and the Great Tony Williams together. I must be dreaming. Thanks a ZILLION.

ish said...

what a lineup. downloading now. thanks!

Simon666 said...

i sent ish here a few months back and forgot to get it myself :) GREAT concert, thankyou!

yga said...

Fantastic! And the sound quality is superb. Thanks a lot. And thanks to Simon for having drawn my attention to this.

Simon666 said...

hi ubu,
Just so you know, I pimped your post here

ubu said...

Thanks, Simon!

Cool to see some interest in this post!

aussenraum said...

I didn't know that such a line up ever existed... 4 top-percussionists at once. Great concert!

ushaped said...

dear ubu,

any chance of a reup?