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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Albert Mangelsdorff & Lee Konitz - Hannover 1982 (NDR Jazz Workshop #169)

Final one... I think this was shared (in a different edit, this is my own) over on inconstantsol a while ago which made me hold this back, but rather than just seing the links go, maybe there's someone who's missed this before, so here it is again:

Foto by Frank Schindelbeck (see his biography of Mangeldorff's)

Albert Mangelsdoff & Lee Konitz
NDR Jazzworkshop #169
Hannover (Germany), Kleiner Sendesaal des Funkhaus
March 11, 1982

Albert Mangelsdorff - trombone
Lee Konitz - alto sax

1. A Minor Blues In F (Konitz) 4:34
2. Ann LK/AM (1:53)
3. Mississippi Mud (Mangelsdorff) 12:45
4. Ann LK (0:24)
5. She's As Wild As Springtime (Konitz) 4:31
6. Ann LK/AM (1:25)
7. Rootie Toot (Mangelsdorff) 8:44 [AM solo]
8. Ann AM (0:40)
9. Mood Indigo (Ellington-Bigard-Mills) 4:27
10. Ann LK (0:39)
11. Body and Soul (Green-Sour-Heyman-Eyton) 7:46 [LK solo]
12. Ann LK (0:35)
13. Hannover Square (7:27)
14. Ann LK (0:33)
15. KoMa (Konitz-Mangelsdorff) 5:19
16. Ann AM (0:26)
17. Just Friends (Klenner-Lewis) 6:44
18. Ann LK (0:25)
19. About Time We Looked at This (Konitz) 2:28 [inc, fade-out]
20. Duo Love Call (Konitz-Mangelsdorff) 5:53

TT: 77:52

Sound: A/A-
Original Lineage: got this in trade, eac & tlh used, then dime.
Additional lineage: FLAC > WAV > Cool Edit Pro > FLAC (8,asb,verify)

::ubu's edits::
added fade-in at beginning of #1
fixed all marks
separated intros
omitted two short silent tracks following #17 and #19
added 1.5sec of silence at end of #19
deleted short bits of FM talk before and after #20, added fades


ubu said...

FLAC (again, I hope the files are tagged properly) + info:

Yotte said...

This is really great. Thanks for pulling it outta the mothballs! I would never have heard it otherwise.

pedro said...

Thank you very much
its wonderful

GBML said...

great! i have this on a cassette & i guess yr portion is better :-) thanks a lot

carlo87 said...

I lavo so much this duo! This is a treasure. Thank you

Jazzrealities said...

Great one!
The following day they played at my place in the Black Forest.
Also a great concert.