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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Paul Bley & Wolfgang Puschnig - Saalfelden

Another one endangered of deletion before I come around posting it...

Canadian born pianist Paul Bley is of course well known as one of the most important jazz pianists to emerge around 1960.

Saxophonist Wolfgang Puschnig hails from Austria and is one of the more important jazz voices there and in Europe. He has played and recorded regularly with Carla Bley, the Vienna Art Orchestra, Linda Sharrock or the late great Ernst Jandl (or was that Elnst Jandr?). Other collaborators include Hans Koller (subject of two other posts here and here), Harry Sokal (the photo from 1988 shows Puschnig with him), Uli Scherrer, Nguyên Lê, Mark Feldman, and reguarly also Jamaaladeen Tacuma (together they form the duo "Gemini-Gemini"), and he has done more than two dozen of albums as leader or co-leader, including the great "Austrian Songs - Ob'n und Unt'n" (Universal, 2002) where he adapted traditional songs and melodies for a trio/quartet that also included Klaus Dickbauer, Herbert Joos and Michel Godard.

In short: definitely a musician worth checking out!
And right here you get the chance to do so...

Paul Bley & Wolfgang Puschnig
Jazzfestival Saalfelden
August 2001

Paul Bley - piano
Wolfgang Puschnig - alto sax (1,2,3,6,8) & flute (5)

1. Blues for Nothing (7:42)
2. Blast from the Past (7:12)
3. On (6:36)
4. Bebop improvisation (3:49) [p-solo]
5. Ida Lupino (8:15)
6. Peace (4:25)
7. Improvisation (10:38) [p-solo]
8. Improvisation (6:53) [inc]

TT: 55:33

Sound: A/A-
Source/Lineage: FM>NakamichiLX3>Pioneercdrecr.>flac
Additional lineage: FLAC > WAV > Cool Edit Pro > FLAC (8,asb,verify)

:: ubu's edits ::
fixed marks (some were early, most were late)
added fade-out at end of #4
deleted gap at end of #7, merged applause (there was a voiceover there once, but except for the announcer breathing, it was cut out)
deleted noise at end of #8

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