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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

ScoLoHoFo - Lugano 2002

This was up here before, more exactly in August 2007 (gee, it's been a long time since I've started this blog!) - and I've been asked to share it again many months ago... the links went up so long back that I'm afraid if I don't share them, they get deleted, so finally...

Just be aware that this is a mono recording - less than perfect to some's ears, I assume. Not a big issue for me, but just so it's been disclosed!

Wangaratta 2008

Btw, it seems the group played Jazzbaltica, too - does anyone have a video of audio of that to offer? In the quality standard of the blog, it ought to be DVD (off a digi-sat broadcast in original codec would be perfect!) or FLAC, if possible! Drop me a line (see my profile) if you need help sharing it!

And those who grab this recording right here, please do help with the setlist!

Portland Jazz Fest 2009

Estival Jazz 2002
Lugano (CH)
July 12, 2002

Joe Lovano - tenor sax (on #5 only: soprano sax)
John Scofield - guitar
Dave Holland - bass
Al Foster - drums

1. Oh! (Joe Lovano) 9:24
2. b-solo > The Winding Day (Dave Holland) 17:07
3. Bittersweet (Al Foster) > Announcement (11:40)
4. Shorter Form (John Scofield) 9:05
5. In Your Arms (Dave Holland) 7:24
6. New Amsterdam (Joe Lovano) > Band Intros by Dave Holland (11:34)
7. Oh I See (John Scofield) 5:40
FM outro (0:17)

TT: 72:15

Sound: A/A- (mono)
Source: RSI 2 "Live di mezzanotte" / 2007-07-21
Lineage: FM > HD > CoolEditPro > FLAC (8,asb,verify)
Recorded & shared by ubu


ubu said...

FLAC (tagged, I hope) + info:

Radenko said...

Do you like Scofield as a player?

I'm interested because i'm wondering should i try this show.

I usually don't like him, but on the other hand I trust your taste most of the time :-)

So - what do you say?

ubu said...

Ha, I'm really not sure what to say... he's certainly a great guitar player, but I'm a bit ambivalent... I've just been writing up some thoughts about him here:

It's time to evaluate his music, I have more than ten of his discs (mostly Blue Notes, but also one early Enja and some later Verves).

Maybe I should digitize my (again modest mono) recording of that Ray Charles show...

umba said...

Thanks!!!! I apreciate this show... I´ll listen it and I´ll return with the songl list

ubu said...

That would be great, umba!

I've been listening to a long string of Sco discs yesterday and am continuing today, and contrary to my hesitating thoughts above, I really like (most of) it!

Time on My Hands, Meant to Be, Grace Under Pressure, What We Do, Hand Jive, Groove Elation, Quiet, and right now Works for Me, to be followed by ScoLoHoFo Oh!, and Up All Night...

umba said...

Here is the Track List:

1. Oh! (Joe Lovano)
2. Dave Holland Solo/ The Winding Day (Dave Holland)
3. Bittersweet (Al Foster)
4. Shorter Form (John Scofield)
5. In Your Arms (Dave Holland)
6. New Amsterdam (Joe Lovano)
7. Oh I See (John Scofield)

I´ll design complete covers for this great show...

Thanks again ubu

ubu said...

Wow, that was fast!
Looking forward to the covers!