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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Ella Fitzgerald - East Berlin 1967

Here's one I upped a while ago - a few more will follow, not that the links get deleted before I came around sharing them!

Ella Fitzgerald & Jimmy Jones Trio
East-Berlin (GDR), Friedrichstadtpalast
January 25, 1967

Ella Fitzgerald - vocals
Jimmy Jones - piano
Bob Cranshaw - bass
Sam Woodyard - drums

1. You've Changed (0:49) [inc, cuts in]
2. Let's Do It (4:12)
3. These Boots Are Made For Walkin' (4:02)
4. Here's That Rainy Day (4:18)
5. Summertime (3:38)
6. It Don't Mean a Thing (5:08)
7. Jazz Samba (8:19)
8. Mack the Knife (4:43)
9. The Midnight Sun Never Sets (4:34)
10. You Go To My Headgoin' Out Of My Head (3:17)
11. Sweet And Lovely (4:06)
12. Misty (4:00)
13. It's Wonderful (2:52)
14. St. Louis Blues (6:45)
15. How High The Moon (8:42)

TT: 69:33

Sound: A-
Lineage: FM>low gen, unknown lineage>trade>CDR>EAC Secure Rip>Flac Frontend, level 6

:: ubu edits ::

fixed marks (some were early, some were late)
deleted some not fully deleted radio announcements
added fades

#1-8 and #9-12 and #13-15 seem to be from different sources.
Sound has more treble in the second, but there's some more hiss, too. The third is similar to the second source but sounds better.


ubu said...
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Thomson said...

I would love to hear this, but the third link doesnt work! Can you repost?

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