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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Abdullah Ibrahim - Cully 2009

As I'm offline (thanks to my provider...) the links are hidden in here (look for the numbers...) as I can't programme comments to appear at a certain time. Sorry for that, but last time I did it like this, it worked out pretty well!

Here's a typically beautiful stream of consciousness solo concert by Abdullah Ibrahim, I did away with some bits of applause so this will easily fit onto one CDR (I'm not sure if I'm supposed to trust overburn CDRs, for the time being I don't).

Boston 1982 (Photo: Rashid Lombard)

Abdullah Ibrahim
Cully Jazz 2009
Cully (Switzerland), Chapiteau
April 2, 2009

Abdullah Ibrahim - piano

1. Senzo (part 1) 66:38
2. Senzo (part 2) 14:16

TT: 79:56

Sound: A
Source: RSR 2 "JazzZ" / 2009-04-02
Lineage: dvb-s > nexus-s > hdd > nero wave editor > flac
(MPEG1 Layer 2/256 kbps)

Additional lineage: FLAC > wAV > Cool Edit Pro > FLAC (8,asb,verify)

:: ubu edits ::

deleted applause at end of both tracks (21 and 14 seconds) to make this fit onto a normal disc without overburn


Radenko said...

Thank you for this real gem.

GBML said...

I'm very interested on that but i have no idea how to download part one of it. Thank you!

GBML said...

oh ok i found it (nice #game), thanks again

fent99 said...

Looking forward to this. Thanks ubu

ubu said...

Arcturus said...

o my! this is nly fresh :)

Slidewell said...

Can't wait to hear this.

Here's a little something to pay back. Out Of Print

Abdullah Ibrahim-Ekaya 1983

ubu said...

Thank you slidewell! I think I don't have that one!

GBML said...

@Slidewell it would be nice to have the titels of the track but maybe next pos comes with infos right? :-)

thank you it is a very nice album

ubu said...

Abdullah Ibrahim - Ekaya (Home)
(Ekapa 005, Blackhawk BDHCD50205 [CD])

Dick Griffin (tb), Carlos Ward (as,fl-2), Ricky Ford (ts), Charles Davis (bari), Abdullah Ibrahim (p,ss-1), Cecil McBee (b), Ben Riley (d)

Englewood Cliffs, NJ, November 17, 1983

Sotho Blue
Ntyilo Ntyilo (p,as duo)
Bra Timing from Phomolong
Ek Se Ou Windhoek Toe Nou (-1)*
Cape Town (DG out) (-2)

Note: All titles, except (*), also on Kaz (E)LP7, CD7 [CD], Camden (E)CDN1002 [CD], all titled "The Mountain"; see October 1985 for rest of releases.
All above titles also on Ekaya (SA)HUL507 (as Dollar Brand), Blackhawk BKH50205, BKHCD50205-1D [CD].

GBML said...

thanks for the info ubu!