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Friday, April 10, 2009

Roland Kirk - Paris 1970

As I'm offline (thanks to my provider...) the links are hidden in here (look for the numbers...) as I can't programme comments to appear at a certain time. Sorry for that, but last time I did it like this, it worked out pretty well!

Here's a pair of boots that were up on dime but got banned as Esoldun seems to be treated as an official label over there. That is partly right, I think, but from what I know while they did indeed release music they got from the INA their releases eventually had to be pulled, probably because of some changes of law or something... anyway, I treat them as boots, and hence here they are, with many thanks to the person who shared them on dime - I got them in time, luckily!

Roland Kirk 1972 (Photo: Lee Friedlander)

Rahsaan Roland Kirk
Paris (France), Maison de la Radio
February 22, 1970

"Rahsaan" Roland Kirk- tenor sax, manzello, stritch, flute, clarinet, nose flute, chromatic tuner, percussion, vocals, etc
Ron Burton - piano
Vernon Martin - bass
Jerome Cooper - drums
Joe "Habao" Texidor - percussion

1. Easy to Love (Cole Porter) 9:40
2. Love Madeline (4:32)
3. My Cherie Amour (Stevie Wonder) 6:13
4. Petite Fleur (Sidney Bechet) 7:52
5. The Inflated Tear (6:47)
6. Three for the Festival (7:51)
7. Boogie Man Song (7:01)

1. Sweet Fire (16:20)
2. Make Me a Pallet on the Floor (trad.) 8:53
3. Charlie Parker Medley (Charlie Parker) 6:1
4. Volunteered Slavery (11:41)
5. You Did It, You Did It (4:57)
6. Satin Doll (Ellington-Strayhorn-Mercer) 1:50

All compositions by Roland Kirk except where noted

TT: 100:31

Sound: A-
Issued as "Roland Kirk: Live In Paris 1970 vol 1 & vol 2" on Esoldun bootleg label (FCD 109 & FCD 115)
Lineage: FM > ? > cd silvers > EAC (secure mode) > flac(6) via TLH > dime > you


ubu said...

Peter said...

This is BAD, man! I love 'You Did It, You Did It' the best. RRK is downright beautiful!

Thank you for this one!

amellowsoul said...

Thanks SO much for this. I missed it on Dime. After downloading a Kirk show from there yesterday, I decided to type into Google "Roland Kirk" "FLAC" "blogspot" and found this. What funny the Dime download from from you as well! ;)

My torrent on Kirk @ Newport '61 is still on the tracker there, so feel free to obtain if you haven't done so.

Bright moments,

aroonie said...

Many thanks for this live performance by Rahsaan. Ubu you ARE the king!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the tunes!

Just want to let you all know that the track titles are wrong here (I know this is what was erroneously printed on the LP jacket):
>6. Three for the Festival (7:51)
>7. Boogie Man Song (7:01)

Titles are reversed, should read:
6. Boogie Man Song (7:51)
7. Three For the Festival (7:01)

This is the only recording I know of for 'Boogie Man Song' but 'Three for the Festival' was recorded several times, first to my knowledge on 'We Free Kings' LP, 1961