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Monday, April 13, 2009

Albert Mangelsdorff - Tuttlingen 1961

As I'm offline (thanks to my provider...) the links are hidden in here (look for the numbers...) as I can't programme comments to appear at a certain time. Sorry for that, but last time I did it like this, it worked out pretty well!

This is a fine show by an early version of Albert Mangelsdorff's great quintet. It was shared on dime by "jazzrita" - many thanks for your continuing generosity!

Günter Kronberg is mentioned by MC Joachim Ernst Berendt as the latest addition to the band, and in my humble opinion, his emotional alto sas was one of the main assets, the music turned into more of a free mumbling thing once he was gone and got less interesting, in my opinion (though the Enja live album from Tokyo is still pretty good!)

I re-tracked it and did away with two second gaps and some other imperfections, hope you'll enjoy this one as much as I do!

Also check out an earlier post here of a duo show of Albert's with Lee Konitz.

Günter Kronberg 1966 (Photo: Ulli Schwenn)

Albert Mangelsdorff Quintett
SWF Jazz Konzert
Tuttlingen (Germany), Steinbeis-Gewerbeschule
February 19, 1961

Albert Mangelsdorff - trombone
Günter Kronberg - alto & baritone sax
Bent Jaedig - tenor sax
Peter Trunk - bass
Hartwig Bartz - drums

Announcer: Joachim Ernst Berendt

1. Radio Intro JEB (2:36) [cut]
2. unknown (Mangelsdorff) 5:40
3. Announcement JEB (0:17)
4. Hershey Bar (Lester Young) 5:39 [feat GK,bari]
5. BaHutSha (8:22)
6. Announcement JEB (1:04) [cut]
7. LaVern Walk (Oscar Pettiford) 8:26 [arr./feat. PT,bari]
8. Announcement JEB (0:07)
9. Embraceble You (George Gershwin) 6:02 [feat. BJ,ts]
10. Announcement JEB (0:48)
11. Philly J. J. (6:59) [feat. HB,d]
12. Now's the Time (Charlie Parker) 4:53
13. unknown (6:40)
14. Set 'em Up (Mangelsdorff) 4:32
15. Autumn Leaves (Kosma-Prevert-Mercer) 5:10 [feat. AM,tb]
16. Drifting on a Reed (Charlie Parker) 6:22

TT: 73:47

Sound: A/A-
Lineage: fm > cdr trade > flac > dime


:: ubu's edits ::

additional lineage: FLAC > WAV > Cool Edit Pro > FLAC (8,asb,verify)

deteted gaps at end of tracks
separated #8 from #9
fixed some little things here and there (marks, fades, deleted a bit of cut-off talk at end of #6)

Note: in #1 Berendt says what follows is part 2 of the concert, and in #10 he says a drum-solo is always a good way to end a concert, so maybe #12-16 come from the first part of the concert. All of the later track marks were cut though, so there's no indication to be taken from there as to the actual succession of the tunes.


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