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Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Sophie Alour - Paris 2005

Here's a mighty fine show by French tenor sax player Sophie Alour. I've just shared this on dime, too. She's one of several mighty fine sax playing women to come out of France recently. You can check out alto player Géraldine Laurent with the band of Aldo Romano on this earlier post.

Alour is supported by a fine band including guest Stéphane Belmondo on disc two. Her duet on "Black Narcissus", accompanied only by the double bass of young Sylvain Romano, is excellent (and would make perfect blindfold material)!

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Sophie Alour
Paris (France), Sunside
November 4, 2005

Sophie Alour - tenor sax
Guillaume Naud - piano, electric piano
Hugo Lippi - guitar
Sylvain Romano - bass
David Grébil - drums
guest: Stéphane Belmondo - trumpet (Sets 2 & 3)


1. Septembre (Alour) 9:41
2. I Loves You Porgy (Gerswhin) 11:50
3. Dédale (10:49) [inc]

4. FM intro & interview (5:11)


1. At First Sight (Alour) 9:47 [inc]
2. Black Narcissus (Joe Henderson) 4:13 [ts/b duo - inc]
3. Announcement by Sophie Alour (0:23)
4. Le Samourai (Alour) 15:10
5. You've Changed (11:12)
6. Band Intros by Sophie Alour > Almost Paradise (14:54)

1. Fanny (Alour) 10:32
2. Announcement by Sophie Alour (0:07)
3. Tell Me a Bedtime Story (Herbie Hancock) 5:00 [inc]

TT: 108:55

Sound: A- (mono, a little bit of hiss)
Source: France Musiques (Jazz Club) / 2005-11-04
Lineage: FM > minidisc > analogue to HD > GoldWave > Cool Edit Pro > FLAC (8,asb,verify)
Recorded, transferred & shared by ubu


Set 1 was partially broadcast
- after the interview and before the beginning of Set 2:
"Dedale" only misses the final seconds
- in the break between Sets 2 and 3
"Septembre" (first track of set)
"Porgy" (third track of set)
I don't know if "Dédale" happens to have been the second track of the set or performed later on

Set 2 was broadcast live in its entirety
"At First Sight" misses a few bars of the piano intro
"Black Narcissus" misses only a couple of seconds of the piano intro
two bits of the "Announcement" are missing
"Le Samourai" is missing a couple of seconds of the bass intro
"You've Changed" has a very short bit (half a second) of FM voiceover at the beginning
"Outro/Almost Paradise" has an FM voiceover for the first few seconds

Set 3 was broadcast live but cut off as the broadcast time ended
a bit of the "Announcement" is missing
"Tell Me a Bedtime Story" has an FM voiceover during the first two seconds

As a filler in the break between Sets 2 and 3, they played a tune from Robert Glasper's then new disc...


ubu said...

FLAC (tagged) + info:

Félix said...

Name of the piano player is Guillaume Naud.
Thanks for sharing!

ubu said...

Merci pour la corréction, Félix! Apprécié!

Je te dois un e-mail il y a longtemps, je le sais...

Félix said...

Bah! :)
Take your time, I need to work my guitar instead of downloading & listening to tons of music!