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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Erich Kleinschuster Sextett (w/Harry Pepl) - Wie 1976

Here's a post-script to the two posts about Harry Pepl. This is a concert by Erich Kleinschuster's great Sextett.

Kleinschuster was born in Graz in 1930. After studying law and music (trombone and piano), he played in local bands and radio orchestras. In 1958, he was part of the International Youth Band at Newport Jazz Festival, which led to his decision to become a professional musician. In the sixties, he played with Friedrich Gulda and the Clarke-Boland Big Band, and 1966 brought to the fore his own Sextett, featuring among others Fritz Pauer, Erich Bachträgl, Jimmy Woode, Hans Salomon, and such guest stars as Art Farmer, Carmell Jones, Joe Henderson, Clifford Jordan, Jimmy Heath and Slide Hampton.
In 1971, Kleinschuster founded the ORF Big Band (Austrian Radio Big Band), which he led for ten years. In those years, he also appeared with Peter Herbolzheimer's Rhythm Combination & Brass as well as George Gruntz' Concert Jazz Band.
In 1981, he got a call from the University of Graz, where he holds a professorship. From 1998 on, he organized the Grazer Jazz Sommer.

So it should be quite clear by now, that Kleinschuster is one of THE main characters of Austrian modern jazz. He also programmed many a jazz radio show, including the ones from which this music of his own band was taken.

Austrian Universal has released two very good 2CD sets with music by the Kleinschuster Sextett, Vol. 1 with guests Carmell Jones, Joe Henderson and Clifford Jordan (rec. 1968/1969), Vol. 2 with guests Art Farmer, Slide Hampton and Jimmy Heath (rec. 1968/1971). Both are highly recommended! (dusty groove)

I'm not sure if Kleinschuster can actually be heard there, but Universal has also more recently reissued a box set of Peter Herbolzheimer's MPS & Polydor albums (

The edition of the Sextet in this particular concert is partly electric, and features the great Carl Drewo on saxophone (another musician connected to the Clarke-Boland Big Band for a while in the Sixties), and Fritz Pauer on both acoustic and electric piano. Pauer is another mainstay of Austrian modern jazz, with his own albums (some on MPS, for instance), a long tenure with Art Farmer (who called him his favourite pianist), and long (musical) friendships with many of jazz' greatest. I had the joy to catch him live backing Sheila Jordan when in Vienna some time back.

There's some great music to be heard here - go for it even if you're completely unfamiliar with the musicians!

Erich Kleinschuster Sextett
Wien (Austria), Konzerthaus, Mozartsaal
October 4, 1976

Erich Kleinschuster - trombone
Carl Drewo - tenor & soprano sax
Fritz Pauer - piano & electric piano
Harry Pepl - guitar
Heinz Jäger - electric bass
Fritz Ozmec - drums

1. Autumn Lady (Pauer) / Autumn Air (Pauer) 18:44
2. Peach Cup (Pauer) 10:07
3. Maurische Anekdoten (Kleinschuster) 20:13

1. Selbstgespräch (Kleinschuster) 9:58 [cuts in]
2. Symphony For A Lady (Kleinschuster) 23:16

TT: 81:22

Sound: A-
Lineage: fm > cd trade > flac > dime

This came in two parts, two seeds on dime: #3,5,1 and #2,4

:: ubu edits ::

deleted all fm talk
added fade-outs

Additional lineage: FLAC > WAV > Cool Edit Pro > FLAC (8,asb,verify)

:: notes ::

No music is missing at end of the "Autumn" Medley, but the radio announcer started talking right as the applause began, so there's a very quick fade-out there.
"Selbstgespräch" started beneath the fm intro, hence there are a few seconds missing and a quick fade-in at the beginning.

complete setlist:
1. Autumn lady (Pauer) 11:56 >
2. Autumn air (Pauer) 6:36
3. Brave knight (Pauer) 13:13 - MISSING
4. Peach cup (Pauer) 10:46
5. Maurische Anekdoten (Kleinschuster) 20:19
6. Selbstgespräch (Kleinschuster) 10:49
7. Symphony for a lady (Kleinschuster) 21:58
8. D-E-E-G (Kleinschuster) 15:11 - MISSING


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