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Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Soft Machine Legacy - Estival Jazz 2005 (r.i.p. Hugh Hopper)

Number two of the Hugh Hopper posts, this again features old buddy and also recently deceased and much missed Elton Dean. John Etheridge is on guitar here, and Liam Genockey on drums.

This is my own mono/minidisc recording and I don't see it fit for dime, but it certainly sounds good to my ears! I'm not sure if I've missed the SBD over on dime (many Estival Jazz concerts are shared in perfect SBD quality), or if I decided to skip it and just keep what I've got... hope you don't mind and enjoy it like this!

Here are the covers for the SBD, the setlist on the traycard is the same but the timings and announcements differ a bit, likely they cut out some bits of applause for the broadcast, hence my tracks are shorter.

There's a recent video of the post-Dean edition (with Theo Travis on tenor sax) of this band from July 27, 2008 at the Jazzaldia Festival in Donostia-San Sebastian here. Of course you'll find much more on Youtube!

Finally, here's a great photo of the Carla Bley Band that included both Elton Dean and Hugh Hopper (subject of this earlier post). Funny enough, I already posted this photo but not where it should be, but rather with a 1978 Bley concert, so allow me to repeat myself and post it out of context once more. The source is this great Elton Dean page.

Soft Machine Legacy
Estival Jazz 2005
Mendrisio (CH), Piazzale alla Valle
July 1, 2005

Elton Dean - alto & soprano sax, saxello, fender rhodes
John Etheridge - guitar
Hugh Hopper - electric bass
Liam Genockey - drums

1. Ash (13:35)
2. Seven for Lee (8:40)
3. Baker's Treat (6:40)
4. 1212 (9:55)
5. Kings & Queens (25:39)
FM outro (0:25)

TT: 64:56

Sound: A/A- (mono)
Source: RSI 2 "Live di mezzanotte" / 2007-07-25
Lineage: FM > HD > Cool Edit Pro > FLAC (8,asb,verify)
Recorded & shared by ubu

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