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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

McCoy Tyner - Stuttgart 1990 (with Freddie Hubbard)

This was shared on dime recently (also in DVD format, but that's too large to share via Rapidshare, sorry). It's a nice post script to my series of Freddie Hubbard posts.

Look here for much more!

Also, the Freddie Hubbard Boston 1972 show is back up!

McCoy Tyner Trio feat. Freddie Hubbard & Ralph Moore
Jazz Gipfel Stuttgart
Stuttgart (Germany), Liederhalle
July 13, 1990

McCoy Tyner - piano
Avery Sharpe - bass
Aaron Scott - drums

Freddie Hubbard - trumpet, flugelhorn, maracas (#1,3-5)
Ralph Moore - tenor & soprano sax (#1)

1. TV - Host (0:36)
2. Dear John (13:12)
3. Twilight Mist (8:58)
4. Embraceable You (9:21)
5. Interview w/Tyner & Hubbard (7:50)
6. One Of Another Kind (15:08)

TT: 55:06

Sound: A/A-
Lineage: TV-HiFi Video-Master>Acoustica Wave Editor>HD>CDWav>CDR (Audio) or CDR (FLAC)

:: notes ::

This is the program broadcast by SW3 on February 15, 1991.
There is one additional track from this concert, BLUES FOR BASIE (McCoy Tyner), which was broadcast by SW 3 on July 14, 1990 right after the concert.

Interview directed by German talkmaster Reinhold Beckmann.

jazzzrita's setlist also contains:

McCoy's Blues (7:50) (between Embraceable You and One of Another Kind)


ubu said...

FLAC (tagged) + info:

mk said...

Really wonderful concert, thanks alot

jazzlover said...

Many thanks ubu for your effort,I realy enjoy Freddie Hubbard and McCoy Tyner, in fact both,these presentation in Stuttgart is anusual, I never heard before.Apreciate !

aussenraum said...

Great concert. All 5 in top form.