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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Von Freeman - Amsterdam 1977

This is the first a little series of posts dedicated to the music of the great Von Freeman. I shared these recordings on dime but most got a mere 35-45 downloads and some have already disappeared again. I got most of these in trade (thank you, jazzrita!), and some from dime, originally. I did some reworking where needed, sound isn't perfect but the music is smoking!

Vonski, as he's called, should be far, far better known. In my humble opinion, he's a giant, and one of the survivors still trodding these grounds. He spent all (or most of) his life in his hometown Chicago which is most likely the only reason why he's not much better known.
His son Chico Freeman is kind of a star around the blogosphere (ya know, all that spiritual jazz stuff...) but in my humble opinion, there's much more meat when Von is playing! Guitarist George Freeman who makes a spectacular appearance on a famous Charlie Parker live recording is Von's brother, as is drummer "Bruz" Freeman. If you ask me, that's one of the more intriguing dynasties in jazz, that's for sure!

If you feel like checking out some of Von's official recordings, I'd strongly recommmend the two albums recorded for Chuck Nessa's label, "Have No Fear" and "Serenade and Blues". Around the time these audience recordings were made, the same band was also taped by Steeplechase ("Never Let Me Go", "Lester Leaps In", "Dedicated to You"). More recently, Von released a few albums on the Premonition label, "The Improvisor", "The Great Divide" and a personal favourite, "Live at the Dakota".

The photos below was shot at a 2005 Amsterdam appearance with the late Andrew Hill that will be subject of a future post here, methinks... check out more great photos here.

Von Freeman Quartet
Amsterdam (NL), De Kroeg
August 15, 1977

Von Freeman - tenor sax
John Young - piano
David Shipp - bass
Charles Walton - drums

1. On Green Dolphin Street (24:10)
2. Everything Happens to Me (15:59)
3. Limehouse Blues (9:31)
4. Violet for Your Furs (8:14)
5. (18:26) [cut/gap @ 1:39-1:40]

TT: 76:22

Sound: A- (B+ on #5)
Source: audience recording
Lineage: AUD > ? > CDR in trade (jazzrita) > Cool Edit Pro > FLAC (8,asb,verify)

:: ubu edits ::

deleted glitches around marks
added fade-outs/fade-ins

#1 was mis-identified as "Autumn Leaves"
#2 is one I can't pin down - "You're My Everything"?
#5 is a blues

Von Freeman Quartet
Amsterdam (NL), De Kroeg
August 16, 1977

Von Freeman - tenor sax
John Young - piano
David Shipp - bass
Charles Walton - drums

1. (13:39)
2. (14:18)
3. On Green Dolphin Street (12:07) [omit VF]
4. (6:22)

1. (26:32)
2. I'll Remember April (12:05) [inc, cut]

TT: 85:17

Sound: A- (CD1#1 in mono)
Source: audience recording
Lineage: AUD > ? > CDR in trade (jazzrita) > EAC (secure, log) > Cool Edit Pro > FLAC (8,asb,verify)

:: ubu edits ::

split up Announcement VF to end of CD1#2 and beginning of CD1#3
split up Announcement VF to end of CD1#3 and beginning of CD1#4
added fade-out at end of CD1#4
deleted glitch, added fade-in at beginning of CD2#1
CD2#1: pasted the left channel into the right one, which was fading in slowly and got very hissy when the volume was boosted.

CD1#3 was mis-identified as "Autumn Leaves"
Disc change was after the 26 minute track, originally (You're My Everything?)


ubu said...

FLAC (tagged) + info:

Wallofsound said...

Many thanks. The Hill - Freeman concert would be most welcome as well.

Preslives said...

Wow!! Vintage 70s Vonski with John Young. Sublime! Thanks a million, Ubu. I will eat this up and look forward to the next installments.

Lexman said...

Thansk a lot Ubu!! Vonski is not not be understimated!

Preslives said...

I just finished listening to all of this fabulous music. Wow! Too bad that John Young is so far off mic. But Vonski comes through loud and clear in full glory. Thanks again. (By the way, the long 26 minute track on the last CD appears to be Without a Song.)