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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Mary Halvorson Trio - Zurich 2009

Alas, this is only the first three songs, but this concert was a strong contender for best show I heard in 2009 (Carla Bley's Lost Chords, Dave Douglas' Quintet and CéU were the highlights in fall, but I saw some good things in the first half of the year, too).
The trio was at the end of a short tour through Europe and played new material that they recorded two days later, back in NYC.

Check out the websites:
Mary Halvorson - John Hébert - Ches Smith
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Mary Halvorson Trio
Zürich (Switzerland), Rote Fabrik, Clubraum
December 16, 2009

Mary Halvorson - guitar
John Hébert - bass
Ches Smith - drums, percussion

1. (4:02)
2. (7:54)
3. (7:44)

TT: 19:40

Sound: B+
Source: mono audience recording
Taper: ubu
Lineage: crappy Sony MIC > MD > analogue to HD > Cool Edit Pro > TLH > FLAC (8,asb,verify)


I have one and a half more tunes on my MD but they're marred by too many dropouts and completely unlistenable. After that, my recording device gave up, alas.
The whole concert consisted of just one long set of around 90 minutes.
This was the final concert of a European tour and the trio was scheduled to record for a new album back in the US on December 18th.


ubu said...

FLAC (tagged) + info:

emelt said...

I've always thought Smith was the weak link in this band. I'd love to hear a Halvorson/Hébert duo.

Djordje Krsmanovic said...

This is not true, actually he is the most important member of the band. He is a virtuoso on the drums. Smith, great job last night!

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