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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Randy Newman - Winterthur 1992

Here's a special treat for x-mas... a great solo concert by Randy Newman, recorded at Musikfestwochen Winterthur, at a club called "Albany" (of course Newman has some jokes about that...)

This is one of the x-mas gifts for mère ubu, but I thought some of you might enjoy this, too!

The encores are missing, but it seems a one-disc bootleg of this concert has them (while missing several other tracks), so I'm asking anyone who has that bootleg to please get in touch or just put up FLACs of those encores, please!

Recently shared on dime (thanks a lot!), I re-tracked the whole set and did some fixes here and there (there was some duplication somewhere, for instance).

Randy Newman
Musikfestwoche Winterthur
Winterthur (Switzerland), Albany
September 11, 1992

Randy Newman - piano & vocals

1. Stage Introduction (0:42)
2. In My Dream (2:43)
3. Yellow Man (2:45)
4. Marie (2:50)
5. Birmingham (2:40)
6. Christmas in Capetown (4:57)
7. Real Emotional Girl (2:18)
8. Short People (2:45)
9. The Girls in My Life (2:46)
10. You Can Leave Your Hat On (2:54)
11. Bad News from Home (3:08)
12. Red Bandana (3:01)
13. A Wedding in Cherokee County (4:12)
14. Follow the Flag (2:17)
15. My Old Kentucky Home (1:56)
16. introduction to "Glory Train" (2:14)
17. Glory Train (1:19) [end only]

1. Burn On (2:51)
2. Guilty (3:12)
3. Dixie Flyer (3:54)
4. Roll with the Punches (3:35)
5. Political Science (2:28)
6. I Love L.A. (2:48)
7. In Germany Before the War (3:29)
8. Baltimore (2:56)
9. Rider in the Rain (4:12)
10. My Life Is Good (4:00)
11. I Want to Hurt You Like I Do (5:10)
12. Rednecks (3:18)
13. Sail Away (2:59)
14. FM Outro (0:39)
(missing encores)

All Songs Written by Randy Newman

TT: 91:11

Sound: A/A-
Source: DRS 3 ("Live uf dr Gass")

Source : 1st Generation Cassette.
Transfered with Sound Forge, Volume Adjustments and Track Cutting by Sound Forge.
(This is NOT taken from the Bootleg............... and is therefore a little bit longer than only one CD........!!)

:: ubu edits ::

fixed marks
separated #12-15 (came as one track)
deleted duplication at beginning of #18
spliced talk (separate track) after "Rider in the Rain" to previous and following tracks

Additional lineage: TLH > WAV > Cool Edit Pro > TLH > FLAC (8,asb)


ubu said...


FLAC (tagged) + info:

Scoredaddy said...

wow, what a great treat. I am a HUGE Newman fan and this came just in time to make a nice X-Mas gift! Thanks.

hulaboy said...

Ran's the man. Mahalo, Ubu!