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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Michel Camilo - Bern 2007

And finally, something more bread and butter... a piano trio!

Michel Camilo is a virtuoso piano player that has mostly lost me... I heard a solo set of his in the mid 90s that I enjoyed, but then all I heard sounded rather boring to my ears. I keep checking out some of his shows on dime though, and this one sounded pretty exciting, so I felt like offering it here, too!

If you enjoy some exuberant, playful and happy piano music, this will be right for you! And on this darkish wet and snowy day, it will help enlighten my place, that's for sure!

Again, this needed some work, but of course again, many thanks to the seeder on dime!

Michel Camilo Trio
32nd International Jazzfestival Bern
Bern (CH), Marians Jazzroom
April 13, 2007

Michel Camilo - piano
Charles Flores - bass
Dafnis Prieto - drums

Set 1
1. applause & warm-up (0:45)
2. Coco Walk (Michel Camilo) 8:56
3. Announcement MC (1:19)
4. Two of a Kind (Michel Camilo) 7:20
5. Perdido (Juan Tizol) 8:31
6. unknown (9:58)
7. Tequila (7:14)

Set 2
8. unknown (3:09) [cuts in, beginning of broadcast]
9. Afro Blue (Mongo Santamaria) 11:17 [cuts in, 16 sec missing]
10. unknown (9:26)
11. unnown (8:45)

TT: 75:46

Sound: A/A- (hum at beginning of Set 1, disappears in #2)
Source: DRS 2 "Jazz Live" / 2007-04-13
Lineage: FM -> MD -> CD-R -> flac -> dime


This show has been directly emitted by Radio DRS 2 (Switzerland).
I changed the order of songs, because the radio emission started at 22.35 o' clock during the 2nd set. When the concert was over the 1st set has been aired.

This upload - and a piano solo concert of Stefano Bollani that will follow having seeded 100% - is dedicated to unclewolfi. What about Martial SOlal?

:: ubu edits ::
separated #1 from beginning of #2
fixed all marks
deleted applause and first 16 seconds of #9 because of dropouts (1:01 min in total)
added fade-out at end of #8
added fade-out at end of #11
Additional lineage: FLAC > WAV > CoolEditPro > FLAC (8,asb,verify)

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