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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Michel Godard - Offenburg 2004

And one more for the lovers of the tuba - a very fine AUD capture of Michel Godard's band "Cousins Germains" with the saxophones of Wolfgang Puschnig (Austrian of course) and Christof Lauer, Herbert Joos on trumpet, the devilish looks and guitars of Marc Ducret, and drummer Wolfgang Reisinger. A mighty fine band, that also has a CD out.

Godard has done many interesting projects, as I mentioned in the previous post. Among the finest are his own Castel del Monte discs, released on Enja. Medieval touches can be heard in this set as well, thanks to Godard's use of the serpent, a very old predecessor of the tuba.

This came as a crappily tracked 2CD set, I shortened it a bit here and there, retracked the whole show, and not the music can be enjoyed in all it's greatness!
Thanks a lot to the original seeder on dime, and thanks even more for dedicating this set to me, back then!

Michel Godard - Cousins Germains
Festival "Jazz d'or"
Offenburg (DE), Reithalle im Kulturforum
November 13, 2004

Herbert Joos - trumpet, flugelhorn
Michel Godard - tuba, serpent
Christof Lauer - soprano & tenor saxophone
Wolfgang Puschnig - alto saxophone, flute
Marc Ducret - guitar
Wolfgang Reisinger - drums

1. unknown (12:41)
2. unknown (12:04)
3. unknown (Lauer) > Ann MG (12:16)
4. unknown (Joos) > Ann (15:27)
5. La chanson des vieux amants (Jacques Brel) > Ann/Band Intros MG (6:52)
6. unknown (Puschnig) 17:19
7. unknown (4:04)

TT: 79:47

Sound: A-/B+
Lineage: cdr in trade--eac--flac level 8 --dime..

This is for UBU.

Here's a fantastic performance by the Maestro Godard in such a great company!
Ducret as good as always....Lauer in very fine form..
A great aud/recording...A quality IMHO..

I thanks in advance for any help with the setlist or artwork ...
More Ducret.....more Godard "tuba-tuba" performances !!!

:: ubu edits ::
to make this shorter than 80:00 min:
- deleted 28 seconds of silence & gap at end of #1
- deleted 5 seconds of silence & gap at end of #2
- deleted 3 seconds of silence & gap at end of #3
- deleted 2 seconds of silence at beginning of #4
- deleted 3 seconds of silence & gap at end of #4
- moved Ann/Band Intros from beginning of #6 (which opened disc 2)
to end of #5, spliced applause (@ 5:51), deleted faded duplications
- deleted 2 second gap at end of #6
- deleted 4 seconds of silence at beginning of #7

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