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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Benny Goodman in Moscow

Here's a great anonymous contribution, a 1962 Goodman album that has never been on CD in its entirety, as far as I know!

Here's a great remembrance by bassist Bill Crow about this tour:
Quite a trip that must have been!

Joe Newman, Jimmy Maxwell, John Frosk, Joe Wilder (tp), Willie Dennis, Wayne Andre, Jimmy Knepper (tb), Benny Goodman (cl), Jerry Dodgion (as,fl), Phil Woods (as), Zoot Sims, Tommy Newsom (ts), Gene Allen (bari), John Bunch (p), Turk Van Lake (g), Bill Crow (b), Mel Lewis (d)
-1: add Lionel Hampton (vib), Vic Feldman (p)
-2: Quintet: Goodman, Wilson, Van Lake, Crow and Lewis
-3: Septet: Newman, Goodman, Feldman, Bunch, Van Lake, Crow and Lewis
-4: Octet: same, add Zoot Sims

Recorded in Moscow, July 3 & 5-8, 1962

1-01 Let's Dance (Theme)
1-02 Mission to Moscow
1-03 Meet the Band -1
1-04 I Got It Bad and That Ain't Good (JN + rhythm)
1-05 Why You?
1-06 Titter Pipes
1-07 Medley: Avalon / Rose Room / The World Is Waiting for the Sunrise -2
1-08 Bei mir bist du schön -3
1-09 Stealin' Apples
2-01 Feathers
2-02 On the Alamo -4
2-03 Midgets -4
2-04 One O'Clock Jump
2-05 Bye Bye Blackbird
2-06 Swift as the Wind
2-07 Fontainebleau
2-08 Meadowland
2-09 Goodbye (Theme)

RCA LSO/LOC-6008-1, ABL2-0824, CD90129

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