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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Phil Woods - poss. Avignon 1970

Here's one more, back to the regular FLAC format for this one...

A smoking hot set by Phil Woods and his European Rhythm Machine, performing the "Executive Suite" at a concert that might be from Avignon 1970. If you know more about this or can help pinning it down, please post a comment!

This needed quite some work to be done, but it's well worth it! Woods was one of the best around this time, and one who kept the jazz flame burning... and still does!

Phil Woods & European Rhythm Machine
Avignon (France), Cloître des Céléstins
July 24, 1970

Phil Woods - alto sax
Gordon Beck - piano
Henri Texier - bass
Daniel Humair - drums

1. warm-up (0:12)
2. Executive Suite - Part 1 (Gordon Beck) 17:35 [spliced @ 14:39] >
3. And When We Are Young (?) (5:20) [b-feature] >
4. Executive Suite - Part 2 (Gordon Beck) 21:35
5. André Francis Outro (0:16) [inc]

TT: 45:00

Sound: A-/B+
Source: radio broadcast (ORTF, André Francis)

:: ubu edits ::

boosted bass
cut volume of most of what was part 2 (6:05 to end or original tracking), there is a volume boost in the bass solo [now around 3:03 in the bass feature], I did a partial fade to flatten it and then lowered the volume of the following parts arccordingly (-6dB)
spliced two parts of first segment (Executive Suite)
deleted drop-out (@ 0:58 in #3)
removed various glitches (as good as possible) in bass-feature

kept André Francis outro (was incomplete only, repeated band and gave "Executive Suite" as title)

Lineage: radio broadcast (ORFT) > ? > dime > WAV > Cool Edit Pro > FLAC (8,asb,verify)

came as: Montreux (Switzerland), Jazz Festival
date was given as: June 19, 1969 - see comments
but if this is from Montreux, July 11, 1970 would be the more likely date


ubu said...

Here are some comments about this set from dime:

#3165658 by michaelmee at 2009-03-30 01:57:39 GMT

Thanks so much Tom. I believe this to be from 11/7/70. The tune is "The Executive Suite" which is split over two tracks.

For me this is one of the greatest bands I ever saw. Phil Woods along with Sonny Rollins is one of our true living legends of the saxophone. I will have a rare never circulated performace of Phil Woods and his European Rhythm Machine posted here in the next few days.

#3165721 by jazzdi at 2009-03-30 02:41:49 GMT

Something wrong here.

Woods & ERM played Montreux Jazz Festival on June 19, 1969, issued on MGM LP. But pianist was George Gruntz, who had been with ERM since it was formed in April 1968.

Gordon Beck was with ERM in 1970-1972. A live album from Montreux, coincidentally recorded June 19, 1972 was also officially issued. But the bassist there was Ron Mathewson.

So - certainly the date here is wrong, since I do not hear the tracks from the MGM recording, and the pianist is definitely announced as Gordon Beck at the end of the second track.

Montreux Jazz Festival database shows no other appearances by ERM. So what have we got here? The radio announcer mentions the tune "Executive Suite" by Gordon Beck and a recording of that exists from June 24, 1970 issued on Philology. Can someone perhaps compare?

"Executive Suite" is also on the 1972 Montreux album, but unless the bassist was misidentified on that issue, I wouldn't think it's this recording. But mistakes have been known to happen.

Hoping someone will have some additional information.

#3166245 by glockenspiel at 2009-03-30 12:54:36 GMT

ah-ha, a conflict !

interresting, as always.

here is what I can bring :

track 01 it is the same recording as track 01 in "Phil Woods, A Jazz Life" Philology W 74.2 wich indicates : Cloître des Céléstins, Avignon (France), July 24, 1970 with Beck, Texier & Humair... but is longer here.
The french location seems correct because it is an at O. R. T. F.Radio broacast with André Francis speaking.

track 02 is the segue of track one, then seems to go into 'And When We Are Young' at 2'57 for a bass solo, then at 8'40 into an unidentified (for me) tune – maybe it is Executive Suite part 2.

anyway, thank you for sharing !

ubu said...

FLAC (not sure if I tagged this) + info:

furnguy said...