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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Paul Bley feat. John Surman - Paris 1994

Here's a short set by Paul Bley's group featuring John Surman. Thanks to jazzrita for trading it to me!

A pair or earlier uploads with Bley are here and here.

Paul Bley Group featuring John Surman
Festival Banlieues Bleues
Drancy (France)
March 27, 1994

John Surman - soprano sax, bass clarinet, wood-flute
Paul Bley - piano
Furio di Castri - bass
Tony Oxley - drums, percussion

1. Combination (5:42) [JS,fl/TO,d]
2. Sevemph(?) (di Castri) 6:57 [quartet]
3. Flame (Bley) 5:10 [PB,p]
4. unknown (6:33) [quartet]
5. Ostinato (6:12) [PB,p]

TT: 30:34

Sound: A-
Source: FM (trade from jazzrita)
Lineage: FM > ? > CDR > EAC (secure, log) > Cool Edit Pro > FLAC (8,asb,verify)

:: ubu edits ::
fixed marks
deleted fm talk
deleted duplication around mark of #3/#4


ubu said...

8mmbolex said...

one kick ass post!

Ilias said...

Nice session! Thanks,Ubu!

Furio said...

Wow, I was there... playing the bass.
Very strange gig. How can I download it? Furio.

ubu said...

Hi & welcome to my blog! It's always great to hear from musicians or other folks involved whom I help hearing the music again after so many years!

The second file is still there, the first was likely hacked/deleted by a troll, but I'll have it back up as soon as possible!

ubu said...

New link for part 1:

Furio said...

Thank you very much!!! Just dowloaded...I'm going to listen and send you another comment.
Should I register to download other files? Rollins in 1965 is incredibly interesting...
Maybe, if you like it, I could upload some music, I've plenty of nice live concerts.

Peter said...

Looks good - thanks a lot!

Six weeks later ... didn't Furio like what he heard? ;o)