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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Barry Altschul - Nancy 1977

Here's the companionpiece to the Kalaparusha - a very nice set by Barry Altschul's quartet with great playing by George Lewis and Byard Lancaster. Holland, at that time, was into some quite great stuff, too!

Barry Altschul 1976

Barry Altschul Quartet
Nancy (France), Jazzpulsations
October 12, 1977

George Lewis - trombone
Byard Lancaster - soprano & alto sax, flute
Dave Holland - bass, cello
Barry Altschul - drums

2. You Can't Name Your Own Tune (34:11)

Sound: A-
Source/Lineage: FM - Copy from master - Maxell XLII 90 – Denon CDR 1000 –flac –dime


ubu said...

FLAC (tagged) + info:

8mmbolex said...

awesome! thanks!
the tune by the way is: Pentacle

ubu said...

Thanks for the tune ID!

Anonymous said...

Great! Thank you!

8mmbolex said...

oops my bad... my file was misnamed.
the name of the tune is:
it's on the album of the same name.
i found it here
but can't trace who was the poster.

onxidlib said...

Thank you very much for this treasure.
It's my favourite phase of B.Altschul.
I'm happy you are back again.
And as I have now an account I cah thank you!

Anonymous said...

On the money, as usual.


Sivad said...

thanks, Ubu!

hulaboy said...

Mahalo nui loa, Ubu.

archer said...

this is just insanely good!

much gratitude.