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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Noah Howard - Bremen 1975

Next one of the Noah Howard series - as you'll notice, this is into the mellowing phase... beautiful music, informed by all the avantgarde sensibilities and experiences that Howard had made in his early years in music.

Noah Howard Quartet
Bremen (Germany), Sendesaal
January 27, 1975

Noah Howard - alto sax
Takashi Kako - piano
Kent Carter - bass
Oliver Johnson - drums

1. Ole Negro (11:59)
2. Paris Dreams (13:03)
3. New Arrival (6:38)
4. Siki (6:50)

TT: 38:33

Sound: A/A-
Source: FM


ubu said...

This is my own retracked version of a dime share - thanks to the original seeder (and to the taper, too, of course)!

sasha said...

Hey there! I first came across this version of Trane's 'Ole' (not 'Ole Negro' as listed here) on a Noah Howard Live in Europe Vol 1 session produced by Noah in '73..It sounds to my ear like the same recording..Not sure if there were any subsequent release of material..Many thanks for getting me listening to N Howard after some time away..A great saxophonist who like Marion Brown was capable of the most lyrical playing in the midst of musical choas!

ubu said...

sasha - not sure I get you right: are you saying the version on the 1973 LP "Live in Europe Vol. 1" is identical with this version, which then might not be from 1975 or not even from Bremen at all?
Or are you saying it's the very same tune?

sasha said...

Hey ubu, Yes this version is identical with the performance on the '73 release 'Live in Europe Vol 1'..I've had a chance to listen in detail and to my ear both are the same..However 'Paris Dreams' dosen't feature on the Vol 1 release so this may originate from a '75 performance..It sounds like the same group of musicians involved in both tracks.Hope that helps clarify.

ubu said...

I'll have to dig up my copy of that Europe album... thanks for having such good ears and sharing your findings!

JC said...

Thanks for this... whereever it may be from ;-)

Chris said...

Like Sasha I find similar interest to Noah Howards's Live in Europe Vol. 1 (1975) on Sun SR 105. All tracks are recorded at various locations across Europe. Another interesting recording using the same group is a date performed at the Bimhaus, Amsterdam during October, 1975. I have been able to define the tracks as 1. Lovers (4:52); 2. Kanpai (11:30)& 3. Mardi Gras (10:26), which leads me to another favourite album Red Star (1977). Great additional tracks, Thanks ubu, Kriztof :)

OldHippieRick said...

2 bad the 2nd part is no longer at rapidshare ??