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Friday, October 01, 2010

Noah Howard - Stuttgart 1977

Thanks go out to jazzrita who shared this fixed version of a show by the same band as on the SAJ album "Schizophrenic Blues" (recorded in Berlin a few days later).

This is #3 of the little Howard memorial series.

Noah Howard Quartet
Stuttgart (Germany)
May 11, 1977

Itaru Oki - trumpet
Noah Howard - alto sax
Jean-Jacques Avenel - bass
Oliver Johnson - drums

1. (20:36) [fade-in]
2. (15:57)
3. (5:32)

TT: 42:07

Sound: A-/B+
Lineage: fm > cdr trade > remastered with wavelab > flac > dime


ubu said...

FLAC (tagged) + info:

roberto t. said...

Though I organized a few concerts and published my first interview on Coda with him in the seventies, I must confess that I did not care too much about Noah Howard's music, I thought he was one of the many, at the time, disciples of Coltrane. I was wrong and some recordings like this seem to evidence a unique voice that will be definetely missed. Thank you.

kinabalu said...

Thanks for this three-part Noah Howard series. The way things look, there's not much of a chance of the FMPs being reissued which is highly unfortunate.

ubu said...

Not sure it would be right to share the two SAJ albums here... also they're not my rips and likely have been around in the web (where I got them from, if memory serves me right - I can't recall for sure though).

Anyway, more live Howard will follow - I'm just too exhausted these days... hopefully day after tomorrow more will be up!

JC said...

Thanks again.