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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Unthanks - BBC 2010 (re-post)

Usually I don't take requests for re-posts, but The Unthanks have been on my mind and in my player again recently - their disc "Here's the Tender Coming" was one of the bigger discoveries in the past few months... so here we go again... again: beautiful voices, haunting tunes, great instrumental arrangements... got this one from dime.

The Unthanks - BBC World Routes
London (UK), Maida Vale Studio
January 23, 2010

Rachel Unthank - vocals
Becky Unthank - vocals, feet
Niopha Keegan - vocals, second violin
Adrian McNally - piano, autoharp
Chris Price - electric bass, drums, ukelele, chord organ
Dean Ravera - drums, double bass
Lizzie Jones - vocals, trumpet
Hannah Peel - first violin, trombone
Becca Spencer - viola
Jo Silverstein - cello, accordion

1. Intro (0:31)
2. The Testimony Of Patience Kershaw (4:01)
3. Interview 1 (0:40)
4. Interview 2 (1:11)
5. Nobody Knew She Was There (6:32)
6. Interview 3 (4:39)
7. Sad February (4:31)
8. Interview 4 (3:54)
9. Felton Lonnin (5:21)

TT: 31:23

Sound: A
Source: BBC Radio 3 FM World Routes / 2010-01-23


ubu said...

FLAC + info:

Anonymous said...

I am very (pleasantly) surprised to see this here. I have often wondered about their Scottish connection; Bairns might be a word also used in Northumberland, I don't know, but Unthank is the setting in Alasdair Gray's remarkable Lanark

Thanks yet again, Ubu

chuchuni said...

Uh-oh... Ubu-posted and Rab-approved. Need to check this. thanks Ubu.

farosanderson said...

Just saw the Unthanks live last night and had a very enjoyable time. probably would have missed the show had it not been for your little blog, wasn't previously aware of the girls and brit folk isn't my first port of call but was intrigued by your upload. So manythanks for the Unthanks and also the other downloads over time i may have neglected to thank you for.

Anonymous said...

thanks - steve.

swamielmo said...

thanks ubu, why looky there, it's granny. great interesting blog.