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Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Steven Bernstein "Diaspora Soul" - Berlin 2000 (re-post)

So then, here we go again, upon request - had to re-rip (with EAC in secure mode, of course) from my CDR as I didn't have the FLAC stored anywhere.

Here's a great recording by Steven Bernstein's "Diaspora Soul". It's the only live show I have by this band. With Briggan Krauss (also part of Sex Mob), Paul Shapiro (check out his album "Twilight"!), the great Michael Blake and the Rodriguez Brothers, there's plenty of talent in this band!

Steve Bernstein's Diaspora Soul
Jazz Across the Border
Berlin (Germany), Haus der Kulturen der Welt
June 23, 2000

Steve Bernstein - trumpet, slide trumpet
Paul Shapiro - tenor sax
Michael Blake - tenor sax
Peter Apfelbaum - tenor sax
Briggan Krauss - baritone sax
Brian Mitchell - wurlitzer electric piano, organ
Tony Scherr - electric bass
Robert Rodriguez - postizo drums, percussion
EJ Rodriguez - congas, bongos, maracas, clave

1. Manishtana (10:52)
2. Chusen Kalah Mazel Tov (8:47)
3. Cha (Steven Bernstein) 6:44
4. Let My People Go (9:09)
5. Mazinka (5:54)
6. Shabbat Candles (aka Hannuka Candles) (12:18)
7. band intros > Ani Mamin (16:50)

All music arranged by Steven Bernstein
All songs traditional except where noted

TT: 70:36

Sound: A
Lineage: FM > ? > CDR > dime > CDR (data) in trade

:: ubu edits ::

fixed marks
delete fm talk at end of #6
added fade-out/fade-in at mark #6/7
added fade-out at end of #7

Additional lineage: FLAC > WAV > Cool Edit Pro > FLAC (8,asb,verify)

#6 is not from the CD I think
This came as from June 24, 2000, but the (deleted) announcer stated 23rd as the date!
This also came with no location (again, the announcer gave it)
And lastly, this came as SBD, but it's obvious it's from an FM broadcast...
The Bernstein announcement at the end of #3 was repeated during the opening of #7 - seems someone in the radio studio goofed when they chose and spliced the parts of the concert for broadcast.
I deleted the announcement there, as there seemed to be a splice just after it anyway!

2011 EAC re-rip


Barak said...

#6 is the blessing on the candles melody.

BTW, the Diaspora Soul group will be playing in Tel Aviv Jazz Festival exactly a week from today!

ubu said...

Sendspace (links won't last long):

RS is driving me crazy, all attempts to upload (about 20 by now) have failed - the upload stops after 2%, after 20% or after 60% - no clue what's up - but the crappitiness of these sites is the main reason why this isn't fun for me any longer.

And please don't come and state that MU is so great - it's not. Great are bit-torrent sites and sites where EVERYONE is contributing. But that's a different world from the blogosphere, it seems.

ubu said...

RS links (the files quietly completed uploading in the background while on the screen everything was frozen...)

ubu said...

Sorry Barak - pasted the info from the previous post here - but the attached txt-file and the tags do reflect your comments! (As now seen above, too!)

JC said...

Thanks a lot ubu. Had not seen this anywhere.

Darkman said...

thanks a lot ubu :)

ya.. good busy torrents are great.. i agree..

MU is great also.. regardless of what you say... :-)

and there are 2 MU actually - and they are both great:
Megaupload of course..
.. and MultiUpload also :)

Thanks again!

Darkman said...

Your own EAC rip, i see?

side note for future EAC rips...
To have a "correct" EAC rip, you have to change those values:

Defeat audio cache : No (should be Yes)

Combined read/write offset correction : 0 (offset for your ripper's model brand is not set here, it's at 0 .. - there are places on the net that tell you the value for your ripper)

Null samples used in CRC calculations : No (preferable to have Yes here)

... only takes once to set your EAC correctly... then it stays that way :)
Mine was incorrect also .. - until i finally was told (over at russian torrent how to set it properly)

ubu said...

Will have to look into the EAC settings... I thought how I was instructed to do it was ok.

But regarding megaupload, DO I HAVE TO SCREAM OF EFFING WHAT? IT'S N-O-T W-O-R-K-I-N-G A-T E-F-F-I-N-G A-L-L FOR ME, SO FOR ME IT'S NOT ONLY NOT GREAT BUT PLAIN U-S-E-L-E-S-S. No use in driving a car that's not working any more, no use in pouring water into a broken cup? Get it? Thanks!

Darkman said...

ya.. check some other EAC Logs on the net.. and ask around maybe .. the experts (i am not an expert, just know those particular values by heart by now.. - if they are not correct at russian torrent, say, it will not get 100% approved until one fixes the setting(s) and re-rips)

As to MU .. - lol - no need to get so excited and worked up over nothing..
Just cuz it's not working out for you.. doesn't mean that it's sucks in general.
Unfortunately it's like this for you over there.. - but i still say, MU is great (at the very least, for those who can upload files there) .. - I am, LOL, MU "sticker-upper" ;-)

Forgot at the same time if you ever tried MultiUpload (not MegaUpload), Sharebee, MirrorCreator etc etc, any service basically that when you upload there.. it makes multi-mirrors on your own.. and as long as Megaupload mirror is one of the mirrors.. - it will be OK.. will have MU link among others...
Maybe give some of those a try sometimes .. just for the heck of this..

It's all fun.. it's all good..
Puts spice into life to have those friendly discussions .. thanks g-d we are all different creatures .. prevents us from boredom..

as to the recording.. - it's great .. - i downloaded it no problem..
2 parts at the same time.. - part 1 from RS, part 2 from sendspace.. and had both files here pretty quick (came back from shower and they were here waiting for me) :)
The recording is of excellent quality..
So i greatly appreciate your re-up
Enjoying it now..
Great talented musicians playing the Jewish content compositions (my favorite content by the way - klezmer / jewish / yiddish .. or jazz with those "spices")
Thanks again!