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Monday, February 21, 2011

James Brown - Apollo Theater, NYC 1974-11-30

Another JB show - one more to come... sound is much less good than on the Swiss set, but the band and its boss is on home turf and livelier than in the previous set. Brown strays a bit during "Crossroads" and "Try Me" and the bad sound becomes a bit of an issue during these more quiet parts, but the opening bits by the J.B.'s and the final quarter of an hour are some dead heavy funk!

If you have any further additions or corrections to the line-up, please post a comment!

James Brown and the J.B.'s
Harlem, NY (USA), Apollo Theater
November 30, 1974

James Brown - vocals
prob. line-up:
Russell Crimes - trumpet
Fred Wesley* - trombone
Maceo Parker*, prob. Jimmy Parker - alto sax
St. Clair Pinckney - tenor sax
Jimmy Nolen & Hearlon "Cheese" Martin - guitars
Charles Sherrell* - bass
John Morgan - drums
Johnny Griggs - congas & percussion
Lyn Collins* & Martha High - vocals

*) confirmed

MC: Danny Ray

1. Intro (0:30)

THE J.B.'s
2. All for One (4:32)
3. Intro by Danny Ray (1:19)
4. Same Beat (4:05)
5. Damn Right I Am Somebody (4:55)
6. Pass the Peas (2:53)

7. The Payback (3:37)
8. Soul Power (2:16)
9. The Boss / Make It Funky (4:01)
10. Doin' It to Death (5:25)
11. James talking (2:10)
12. Man Has to Go Back to the Crossroads (15:31)
13. Try Me / Gimme Some More (7:05)
14. Cold Sweat / Can't Stand It (4:12)
15. Papa's Got a Brand New Bag (4:39)
16. Sex Machine (1:20)
17. Papa Don't Take No Mess (5:13) [incomplete]

TT: 73:57

Sound: B+
Source: audience tape


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