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Monday, February 21, 2011

James Brown - Hartford, CT, 1974

This set seems to be from just a few days after the Apollo set just posted. The band is on fire, playing some great funky music. And JB himself reacts with an energized show.

We only get two opening tracks by the J.B.'s this time and the whole show runs shorter, but there's some great funk all the way through!

Again, sound is rough here, but to me, it's good enough to enjoy the music (the famous Kinshasa show is similar, soundwise... these two might even be a bit better, less muddy).

Again, if you have any further information, be it on the line-up, the date or location, please do post a comment!

Both of these sets come from dime, and these are the original FLAC files I got from there - thanks go out to the kind folks over there sharing all this amazing stuff!

James Brown and the J.B.'s
Hartford, CT (USA) (prob. Hartford Civic Center)
1974 (prob. December 3, 1974)

James Brown - vocals
prob. line-up:
Russell Crimes - trumpet
Fred Wesley* - trombone
Maceo Parker*, prob. Jimmy Parker - alto sax
St. Clair Pinckney - tenor sax
Jimmy Nolen & Hearlon "Cheese" Martin - guitars
Fred Thomas - bass
John Morgan - drums
Johnny Griggs - congas & percussion
Lyn Collins & Martha High - vocals

*) confirmed

MC: Danny Ray

1. Rockin' Funky Watergate (3:32)
2. Soul Power 74 (4:52)

3. Intro (1:29)

4. The Payback (2:37)
5. Soul Power (2:15)
6. I Got Ants in My Pants (And I Want to Dance) (2:28)
7. Doin' It to Death (4:20)
8. Try Me (3:50)
9. What My Baby Needs Now Is a Little More Lovin' (1:35) [cuts in]
10. Gimme Some More (1:39)
11. Get on the Good Foot (6:13)
12. Stone to the Bone (5:05)
13. Sex Machine (1:23) [inc]

TT: 41:27

Source: audience tape

:: dime seeder's comments ::

Received this in trade, around 1992.
This is a nice audience recording,some distortion in the lower frequencies.
To me this is a good example how tight the JB's were in the early seventies.You can hear the excitement,
for instance in Gimme Some More where James probably did some splits.
Listen to Get On The Good Food, when the bass drops out you can here why funk isn't funk without a good bass.

September, 2009

:: dime-comment #4271084 by kingmike at 2010-09-25 22:56:18 GMT ::

probably "Hartford Civic Center" and I'd estimate the date to be December 03, 1974 based on gigs in the North East at the time etc.....educated guess on the date....I'm pretty sure on the venue....


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