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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Marion Brown - Yale 1982

Got this one from "trane" in a trade a while back - thanks a lot!
It makes for a very, very nice coda to the Brown sets I shared last fall.

Marion Brown
Yale, Ohio (USA), Yale University

Marion Brown - alto sax

1. Hurry Sundown - 6:32
2. Since I Fell for You - 5:01
3. Black and Tan Fantasy - 5:36
4. I Can't Get Started - 7:29
5. Don't Take Your Love from Me - 3:15
6. Monk's Mood/Epistrophy - 10:23

TT: 38:18

Sound: A-
Source: SDB

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removed 2 second gaps

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ubu said...

Check out this amazing film on Brown from 1967, shot by Henry English:

ubu said...

FLAC (tagged) + info:

ubu said...

alternate link:

JC said...

Thanks so much ubu. Nice to see this blog back in higher gear... I missed it and still check back periodically...

On this set there may be confusion.

Yale University is in New Haven, CT (and seems likely). Yale, OH is essentially the middle of nowhere (and may just be little more than a roadway intersection and a few cows in a barn).

ubu said...

Thanks JC. I'm no good in US geography...

jacko said...

hey ubu, can you please re-up this?
ps lovin the blog