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Thursday, November 22, 2012

ubu's notizen

music blogging has been fun ... but for now it's time to move on
some impressions on music will be posted irregularly at my german-language blog: ubu's notizen


mrG said...

thanks so much for all the shares and insights, and best of luck with your new endeavours. rest assured you have lots of fans out here in the internets, and probably more importantly, lots of friends who are fans of the same things crazy esoteric things that interest you so :)

sasha said...

Throughly agree with mrG..You've seriously en-riched my musical landscape..Best with all your future plans etc and many, many thanks.

ubu said...

Thanks a lot guys!

Olde Edo said...

Sad to see you go, but thanks for so many
wonderful experiences of evanescent
performances saved from oblivion by you!
Old Edo

twgoble said...

Thx ubu...u ran one of the best jazz blogs onlinegood luck, twgoble