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Sunday, April 20, 2014

Jimmy Smith Jam Session - Jazz Fest Chicago 1981

Photo by Jan Persson

Jimmy Smith Jam Session 
Chicago Jazz Festival 
Chicago, IL (USA)
September 5, 1981 [Saturday]

Bill Hardman - trumpet
Lou Donaldson - alto sax
Junior Cook - tenor sax
Jimmy Smith - organ
Ray Crawford - guitar
Kenny Dixon - drums

1. unknown (blues improvisation) (18:48)
2. Organ Grinder Swing (7:40)
3. Summertime (10:19)
4. unknown (blues improvisation) (9:26) [inc, fade-out]

5. Ballad Medley: Laura [LD] > My Funny Valentine [BH] > Lover Man [JC] (11:02)
6. Satin Doll (12:41)
7. Lift Every Voice and Sing (3:51)
8. The Sermon (11:38)

TT: 85:25

No lineage information, dime-seed (radio, sounds like several generations of tape/K7)

:: ubu edits (2014-03-30) ::

Lineage: FM > ? > FLAC (dime) > TLH > WAV > Cool Edit Pro > TLH > FLAC (8,asb)

Edits in Cool Edit Pro:
- left channel +3dB
- all track marks adjusted (most were too late)
- fade-in at beginning of #3 (there's a rough cut at end of #2)
- fade-in at beginning of disc 2
- deleted silence at beginning and end of discs

:: ubu notes ::

Most tunes morph into the next one, setting track markers isn't that simple, but in almost all cases, the existing marks were clearly too late, into the first bar(s) of the following title.

There's a short radio voice-over around 3:40 into #7 that suggests this originates from a live broadcast - but all other radio announcements/intros/outros were deleted.

Track 4 is incomplete, slowly fades out.


ubu said...

Some smokin' hot music here ...

Thanks to Chuck Nessa (who set this up and made me aware of it - this post is dedicated to you!) and to the kind person who put it up over on dime after I asked around for it!

Bhowani said...

many, many thanks for this share !

Celsohare said...

thanks a lot for share this, ubu !
hugs from são paulo, brasil

Erberken said...

thank you for the great gift

MrBill said...

This sounds great Thank you!

SZS said...

Many thanks!
The 4. track is Midnight Special

ubu said...

Thanks, good catch!

wcpaeb said...

Thanks for the Jimmy Smith jam in FLAC.
Since this is also going around as from Aug 1983 I did some checking and your date is correct.
Here's the list of other performers that day.

Chicago Jazz Festival
Saturday, September 5, 1981

Blind John Davis Jump Band
Blind John Davis, piano/ Henderson Smith, trumpet; Sax Mallard, sax; Harry Cornell, bass; Jump Jackson drums

Robert Shy Quintet with Luba
Robert Shy, drums/ Ari Brown, tenor sax; Duke Payne, tenor sax, bagpipes; Ken Prince, piano; Steve
Palmore, bass; Luba Raashiek vocals

New McKinney Cotton Pickers
with Paul Klinger, cornet, soprano sax, leader/ Dave Wilborn, vocals; Bob Olson, Doug Kelton, Mal
Fudge, trumpets; Al Winters, trombone; Pete Ustinovitch, Dave Dlanagan, Pete Ferrin, Luis Burnette,
saxophones; Chuck Robinette, piano; John R. Smith, tuba; Deon Foster, banjo, guitar, vocal;

Henry Threadgill, woodwinds; Fred Hopkins bass; Steve McCall, drums

Jimmy Smith Jam Session
Jimmy Smith, organ/ Bill Hardman, trumpet; Lou Donaldson, alto sax; Junior Cook,
tenor sax; Ray Crawford, guitar; Kenny Dixon, drums