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Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Harold Land - Vancouver 1958

Beating the bootleggers and claiming this one back .. the cover was lifted from another Land LP, Jazz Impressions of Folk Music.

The great story of the Cellar is told here:

This is quite a band ... and a more than decent recording, luckily!

Harold Land
The Cellar, Vancouver (Canada)

Harold Land - tenor saxophone
Elmo Hope - piano
Scott LaFaro - bass
Lennie McBrowne - drums

CD1/First Set/40:54
1. Introduction (0:59)
2. Cherokee (18:38)
3. Just Friends (21:15) [drop-out 2:35.5]

CD2/Second Set/41:51
4. Introduction (0:15)
5. Big Foot (Charlie Parker) (29:36)
6. Come Rain or Come Shine (11:59)

TT: 82:46

Sound: A-
Lineage: ? > CD > EAC > Hard drive > CD Wave Editor > FLAC Frontend (level 8) > Azureus > Dimeadozen

minimal ubu edit: deleted dropout 2:35-2:39 in #3 (remains audible)


ubu said...

FLAC + info:

cvllos said...

Thank you, Ubu!
Unfortunately this guy had Browny beside him. But he was a tremendous soloist, that's the proof!

agmosk said...

Wow! Great post! Thanks, ubu!

Banyai said...

Excellent,,,always liked Harold Land, Elmo Hope,,,but here they are in top form


Chris said...

Thanks Ubu for this choice Harold Land date

jazzcat1228 said...

Great stuff. Thank you, Ubu!

Olde Edo said...

Thanks for posting all these treasures over the years!

I found this one from the "The Wrapper" page, but it seems the links are now defunct.
I respect your intention not to renew the links, so I won't ask, just letting you know so you can update The Wrapper page.

Best wishes,

Lena said...

Please post new links, please...