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Saturday, May 03, 2014

Average White Band - Queens 1978

Here's a partial re-up of a kind by request ... couldn't locate the other part of the earlier share - if you can help out, please do so! This is NOT the same FM/SBD version, but seems to be pre-FM, so it might sound different. This is the version I have around without much digging, so there you go, sorry if the other sounds better, I'd have to rip it from CDR (and have no idea where that CDR - or the 1975 one - might be).

Many thanks to the seeder on dime - these are the very same files, no changes done.

Average White Band
Party in the Park
Belmont Park
Queens, NY

Pre-FM SBD feed > Nak 550 > Maxell UDXL2 (no NR) via Peter Hedeman

Transfer:  MC > Nak CR7-A (azimith adjust) > SBM-1 (s/pdif) > Lynx Studio Technology One (soundcard) > SoundForge 4.5 > CD Architect 4.0f > Red Book CDR

Re-Master:  WAV > Wavelab 6.10 (tracking, fades) > FLAC

1. Larry Klein intro >
2. Love Your Life
3. Same Feeling, Different Song
4. A Love Of Your Own
5. McEwan's Export
6. Your Love Is A Miracle
7. She's A Dream
8. If I Ever Lose This Heaven
9. Pick Up The Pieces

Broadcast on WLIR and WPIX FM.  This is from the pre-FM master cassette recorded at the performance.  A post-FM broadcast recording circulates as well.

There is a little noise in the left channel, which is only occasionally present and not really audible except in quieter songs, like "She's a Dream."  It sounds like one of the drum mics, or maybe it's just a strange sound coming from one of the snare drums.  The last second or two of "If I Ever Lose This Heaven" is lost to a tape flip.

In 1978, the Average White Band was:
Alan Gorrie - Guitar, Vocals
Hamish Stuart - Bass, Vocals
Onnie McIntyre - Rhythm Guitar, Vocals
Roger Ball - Keyboards, Alto Sax
Malcolm Duncan - Tenor and Soprano Sax
Steve Ferrone - Drums, Percussion


--mhg :: 04/08/12

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