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Sunday, September 13, 2015

Bill Dixon - NYC 1968

Here's a re-post ... still waiting to receive my copy of Stephen Haynes' "Pomegranate", but it's definitely time for hearing some Bill Dixon again!

Bill Dixon - University of the Streets Orchestra
New York City (USA)

Bill Dixon - trumpet
Leo Jones - trumpet
Jacques Coursil - trumpet
Clifford Thornton - cornet
Richard Dunbar - french horn
Sam Burtis - trombone
Wesley Whittaker - trombone
John Buckingham - tuba
Dave Chamberlain - flute, soprano sax
Marzette Watts - bass clarinet
Sonny Simmons - english horn
Monty Waters - B-natural soprano sax
Leopanar Witlarge - alto sax
Sam Rivers - soprano & tenor sax
Arthur Doyle - tenor sax
Sonny Clark - baritone sax
Warren Chiasson - vibes
Susan Elrauch - mezzo-soprano

1. unknown (43:04)
2. Interview (3:11) [cut]

TT: 46:16

Lineage: FM->??->CDR->EAC->FLAC


Thanks to Rick Lopez for his great work on the Rivers discography, which is where this info came from.

Please note that this show is the second show listed below, not the first.  I included the info for the first show, as the notes for the second show refer to the first for a probable personnel lineup.

What a cast!


Bill Dixon University of the Streets Orchestra: [Unissued / Private Tape]
Date ?, 1968
New York City
Large Orchestra Piece 1 [29:00]
V + VI rehearsal reel [17:50]
"XP" [18:00]
"XY" [17:20]
[Compositions, Bill Dixon]

Bill Dixon (tp; leader)
Leo Jones (tp)
Jacques Coursil (tp)
Clifford Thornton (cornet)
Richard Dunbar (frh)
Sam Burtis (tb)
Wesley Whittaker (tb)
John Buckingham (tuba)
Dave Chamberlain (fl; ss)
Marzette Watts (bcl)
Sonny Simmons (eng h)
Monty Waters (B-natural ss)
Leopanar Witlarge (as)
Sam Rivers (ss; ts)
Arthur Doyle (ts)
Sonny Clark (bs)
Warren Chiasson (vib)
Susan Elrauch (mezzo-soprano voc)

{Primary Source: info via Dixonia, a Bio-Discography by Ben Young.}
Not in my collection.

Bill Dixon University of the Streets Orchestra: [Unissued / Broadcast Tape]
Date ?, 1968
New York City
unknown title [43:02]
[possibly "Intents and Purposes", mentioned in interview]
Dixon interview segment [3:12] (incomplete, cuts out at end)

[Total time 46:18]
[Composition, Bill Dixon]

Bill Dixon (tp; leader)
Sam Rivers (reeds)
others, possibly as in session above

{Primary Source: CD-R}


ubu said...

FLAC + info

francisco santos said...

wow ubu !...wonderful !...
Big THX !...

indigonoir said...

Ubu thank you very much. I cannot wait to for the download to complete.

Norm said...

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ubu said...

Glad to see another taker here!

Am keeping this one alive by dl-ing it myself again and again, before the link would time out ...

jeff said...

Glad to see this is a live link. Wow this looks amazing. What a line up!!! Totally new to me. Will be checking this out shortly. Many, many thanks ubu