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Monday, September 14, 2015

Sun Ra All Stars - Berlin 1983

Sun Ra All Stars
Berliner Jazztage
Philharmonie, West Berlin, West Germany
October 29, 1983

Sun Ra - piano, synthesizer, vocals
Lester Bowie - trumpet
Don Cherry - trumpet, vocals
Marshall Allen - alto sax
John Gilmore - tenor sax
Archie Shepp - tenor sax, vocals
Richard Davis - bass
Philly Joe Jones - drums
Clifford Jarvis - drums
Don Moye - percussion

1. Stars that Shine Darkly (Ra)  12:35
2. untitled jam #1  4:15
3. Somewhere Else (Ra)  8:18
4. Early Morning Blues (Ra)  9:21

5. Poinciana (Bernier-Simon)  15:29
6. unidentified title  2:42
7. Shadow World (Ra)  22:19
8. untitled jam #2 (inc) 5:26

TT: 80:27

Lineage: sbb > ? > cassette tape > cd wave editor > flac frontend

Notes from "boatini" (

Notes from "boatini" ( For about a week during a two month Arkestra European tour, Sun Ra played with this "all star" aggregation, doing at least four dates (one, in Montreux, was released on LP, albeit split between two Saturn releases). The first five tunes of this date were broadcast on West German TV. The source for this seed is stereo, so it's probably from the soundboard tape. There is some hiss. My tape is probably several generations down.

Track two, after the first minute, alternates between Cherry playing the Mardi Gras favorite "Indian Red", and Jones doing a semi-martial thing. Track 6 is a Moye solo. Track 8 is an unaccompanied Gilmore solo followed by an unaccompanied Shepp solo. All of the vocals are on track 4.

This is about 30 seconds over 80 minutes. If you don't try to shave some time off, put four tracks on each CD, for the tape flip is after four.


ubu said...

FLAC + info:
part 1
part 2

francisco santos said...

Big THX !.....

Unknown said...

Thanks. This looks wonderful.

ritzbird said...

Thanks a lot. Quite an impressive line-up !!

Ruki444 said...

Ditto. You're the man. No, I'm the man. I'm the man around here. I want to see my mother.

George Lane said...

I keep getting an error message on zipeg saying part 1 is corrupt. I download both parts without any problem.

Anybody else run into this?

George Lane said...

Nevermind, got it sorted. Thanks!