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Monday, February 10, 2014

Freddie Hubbard - Switzerland 1978-1991

Some bits of Freddie Hubbard ... it's been five years a few weeks back.

Montreux (Switzerland) - July 14, 1986
Freddie Hubbard (tp), Joe Henderson (ts), McCoy Tyner (p), John Scofield (g), Avery Sharpe (b), Louis Hayes (dr)
1. Byrdlike (15:52)

Cully (Switzerland) - March 15, 1991
Freddie Hubbard (tp), Don Braden (ts), Benny Green (p), Jeff Chambers (b), Louis Hayes (dr)
2. Bolivia (13:39)

Montreux (Switzerland) - July 21, 1978
Freddie Hubbard (tp), Hadley Caliman (ts), Billy Childs (p, keyb), Larry Klein (b), Carl Burnett (dr)
3. Take It to the Ozone (11:42)
4. To Her Ladyship (1:00) [inc]

TT: 42:13

lineage: DVB-S (256 kbps/ 48 khz) > Technotrend C-1400 DVB-S PCI card > harddisk.
Edits were made made with the mp3DirectCut software.


ubu said...

MP2 + info:

sasha said...

As always many thanks to you ubu..This is one hellva blog as those of us who have visited over the years can testify..Great post

Jazzjet said...

This looks great, ubu. Many thanks.

Harry Weinberg said...

Thanks ubu. Thanks for the Freddie and thanks for your hard work.

NYC Teen Central Writer's Club said...

this looks terrific great bands thanks

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G Man said...

Very happy to find this here! Awesome collection! Thank you Ubu!